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Flavor | Gorilla Gas Terp Sauce AIO

Our Terp-Sauce Vapes are made with live resin and premium distillate derived solely from cannabis ingredients. When it’s straight from the plant, you get all of the Flavor and none of the BS. We also pride ourselves on our terpene preservation technology to enhance the flavor and experience in our disposable .5 gram live resin pens. 

Gorilla Gas is actually Purple Medusa, which is a cross between GDP x Pure Kush x Mendo Breath. This potent indica strain gives off aromas of sweet caramel and candy, leaving you feeling pain free and relaxed. If you are looking for a powerful sedating concentrate to help escape reality and relax, then this is the strain for you!

  • Diesel
  • Berry
  • Earthy
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902 Favorites

Flavor was brought to life in response to a demand from dispensaries for a consistent supply of clean concentrates at prices their everyday customers could afford while meeting the expectations of concentrate enthusiasts, quickly establishing itself as the best-selling wax in California. The Flavor team pheno-hunts the best trim and smalls scouring California’s best farms from Humboldt to San Diego, which is then extracted using state of the art technology. With a wide variety of strains consistently being released and offerings including crumble, shatter, live resin sauce, and live resin sugar, California has become Flavor Country. | FLAVORCA.COM

THC: 8-20%

Gas is a rare strain of mysterious genetics, though some think it’s a phenotype of OG Kush. Defunct collective Platinum Clouds is said to have created it.


The top reported aromas of Gas are earth, citrus, and diesel. And it is said to taste like pine, spice, and lemons.

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