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Take a toke, it’ll suit you famously.

Famous Genetics’ passion for cannabis stems from the plant’s ability to help such a wide variety of people. They deliver their high-quality concentrates and connoisseur flowers with heart. Famous Genetics’ vision is to master the craft of extraction to make the perfect extracts to help people through their daily struggles. Putting a smile on the faces of their patients is why Famous Genetics is passionate about cannabis.


The founders began their cannabis careers in 2006, though they would say Mary Jane really chose them. Drawn to the slew of medicinal benefits cannabis had to offer, the founders quickly realized that cannabis was much more than just a flower. Famous Genetics formed in 2010, and the founders focused on perfecting their strains and concentrates in the beginning years. Once they were able to achieve extracts and flowers that met their standard of excellence, they were excited to share their genetics with patients. Today Famous Genetics brings clean, top-quality medical marijuana to patients all over California.


Masters of their craft, Famous Genetics has been cultivating for a long time and have become quite good at it. The genetics they use have been the same for years, passed down from generation to generation. Famous Genetics uses Co2 extraction methods to craft their concentrates, ensuring pure, clean dabs free of butane. Every step Famous Genetics takes during the cultivation and development of their cannabis is done with the end user in mind.


Famous Genetics offers a line-up of top-notch shatter, batter, and flowers, a favorite among the crowd being any of their OG’s. Famous OG is an Indica strain with a sweet flavor and leaves users with a buzzing body high. For those looking for a body high accompanied by a head-change can check out Houdini OG, a hybrid strain with a strong lemon taste. Fly high with Famous Genetics’ Jet Life OG Life Resin, the concentrate that is Indica dominant and delivers heavy euphoria.

Lab Testing:

The safety and transparency of Famous Genetics medical marijuana products are important to them. This is why Famous Genetics is pleased to offer cannabis extracts and flowers tested through SC Labs, ensuring purity and consistency every batch of wax and every run of flowers.


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