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G Pen Gio Alchemy 500mg Cartridge


THE BEST HARDWARE DESERVES THE BEST OIL. AND VICE VERSA. EVOLAB INFUSES G PEN GIO WITH AWARD WINNING FRESHTERPS: Designed exclusively for the G Pen Gio and Evolab's CO2 oil. Groundbreaking is a term that’s been tossed around a lot in this industry lately. But with the G Pen Gio, it is well deserved. We start with a discreet, draw activated pen that gives you smooth, natural pulls and a vapor density you have to experience to believe. One that’s worthy of Evolab’s pure, award-winning, CO2 extracted oil. It’s 500mg of a special terpene-rich blend that gives you all the flavor and potency you could ask for. And then some. The best hardware. The best oil. Sometimes lightening really does strike twice.