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Alchemy Balance 1:1 500mg Cartridge


Strain-Specific (Indica, Sativa & Hybrid)

ALL THE BENEFITS. WITHOUT THE BUZZ: Sometimes you want something that keeps you a bit more grounded. With a synergistic 1:1 blend of THC and therapeutic CBD, Alchemy Balance is what you’ve been seeking. Pairing potent cannabinoids with our flavorful, functional strain specific terpenes creates a dynamic and harmonious effect. A subtly uplifting experience for any time of day.

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5 stars

Quality Product

It's roughly a 1:1 composition ~30% of both THC & CBD. It contains terpenes extracted from cannabis and tastes like it. Leveled high.

Clean CBD Vape

I like the Alchemy Balance for vaping before bed. High CBD oils are my favorite for relaxing, and Evolab makes the cleanest oils.