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Emerald Sky

Emerald Sky Halloween Peanut Butter Cups - Hybrid 100mg 10pk

On a hallowed Autumn eve,

when darkness falls, and quiet gives way to howls,

a grand bear reveals himself in the moon shadow. 

Neither trickster nor treatster, only benevolence does Cirrus give. 

With his eyes closed and arms spread high into the sky, enchantment magically unfolds. 

Wild forest gourds begin to twitch and glow, then fly away beyond the forest canopy.

To places near and far, to wherever you are – delivering grins of delight and holiday Edibles joy.

Emerald Sky
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Emerald Sky brings together our 25 years of candy making experience, with the vision of infusing time honored confections with world class Cannabis extract. We are dedicated to an uncompromising standard of quality, flavor and potency in all our handcrafted THC-infused confections. 

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