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Ember Valley

10-Pack Pre-Rolls 7G- Darts

A 10-pack of premium indoor flower (Grape Cream Cake x Red Runtz) pre-rolls. Our Darts pre-roll pack is designed for those who need easy access to the goods without drawing attention—concealed in cigarette-style packaging complete with filters. Enough to share, but you probably won't want to. 

Hybrid  26.10% THC

Ember Valley
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Ember Valley is craft cannabis at scale. Whether it’s the novice consumer simply looking for a good time or the discerning connoisseur looking for the very best strains money can buy, our highly specialized indoor growing process provides both.


Our mission is to elevate the cannabis experience. Our unique strains are cultivated with craft by legacy growers, and each one is designed purposefully for a refined high. We respect the magical power of cannabis and are passionate about providing Californians easy access to our superior products.

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