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Dutch Valley Farms

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Keeping our word is crucial. What can we say—flakiness just isn’t in our DNA. That’s why when we promise you a consistently clean, high quality product, we mean it. And that unwavering guarantee comes from a genuine respect for the process and hyper-focused attention to the details.

At Dutch Valley Farms, we’re not just concerned with high THC levels. We’re focused on the complete synergy of all the compounds, terpenes and cannabinoids that make up the plant. That means you can count on an unparalleled cannabis experience. And you can take that to the bank, er… dispensary.


Situated on seven acres of Oregon wilderness with breathtaking views of Mt. Hood, Dutch Valley Farms strives to produce craft cannabis using socially and environmentally responsible methods that honor the plant’s age-old tradition while recognizing its vast potential.

It’s from this pristine expanse of land that we strive to cultivate our cannabis with integrity, respect and a dedication to the purity of the plant.


Factory-farmed cannabis. That sounds… questionable (among other things). But as the industry expands, manufacturers are taking short cuts with the grow to help pad their bottom line.

Dutch Valley Farms isn’t down with that.

Whether it’s beer, wine or handmade furniture, Oregon has a long-standing tradition of honoring the craft behind the product. We’ve embraced that ethos with a commitment to growing craft cannabis using socially and environmentally responsible methods that respect the traditions of the land.

What does that mean, exactly?

We use natural products and sustainable farming practices to ensure our flower is free of toxins or chemicals for both the consumer and the environment.

We respect the environment by using OMRI listed fertilizers. We’ve also implemented an integrated pest management system along with beneficial fungus, microbes and natural predatory insects to deal with potential pests.

We capture all storm water runoff from the facility along with A/C and dehumidifier water. In fact, the capture is large enough to water the entire facility, bypassing the need to pull from the local watershed. We also capture our nutrient waste water and use it to fertilize our vegetable garden.

We give back by helping further research into cannabis as a viable medical alternative.

Does all of this make the process more challenging and time-consuming? Sure. But you can’t rush a good thing, and the proof is in the plant.

You’ll see.


“Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.” – Henry David Thoreau

All of us have a why. A deeply meaningful reason we do what we do. It gets us up in the morning. It fuels our passion. It motivates us to think smarter, push harder and persevere when the deck seems stacked against us.

At Dutch Valley Farms, our why speaks to the heart of who we are. And bringing our customers an unparalleled craft cannabis experience is only part of that story. Here’s the rest of that powerful narrative, straight from our leadership:

“What prompted me to stop daydreaming and start Dutch Valley Farms was my mother’s cancer diagnosis. Watching her go through such pain and suffering made me want to help her and provide her with some relief. On April 20, 2016, I quit my job with a large biotech company and formed Dutch Valley Farms to follow my dream of having a grow operation and helping my mom and others like her with the healing properties of cannabis. My mom may have lost her arduous battle with cancer, but her Dutch heritage and need to help others lives on at Dutch Valley Farms." Matthew O. Brecht, Ph.D., Sales Manager and Founder of Dutch Valley Farms

“In 2010, my family’s world was turned upside down. After many months of research and countless sleepless nights, the neurologist uttered the words we had been dreading: ‘Your son is on the autism spectrum.’ Autism. It’s such a scary word for parents who are unaware of what that diagnosis means. After many years of tireless research, we have realized that our son will have a future—a great one. But it means therapy, hard work and an enormous amount of patience will be the norm for the rest of our lives.

We began researching different tools that might be able to help us, and one of the things we found promise in was cannabis. At first, we didn’t understand the connection. But after many hours spent exploring the benefits of this wonderful plant, we’ve concluded (as many parents with children of disabilities can attest to) that more research HAS to be done to examine the full extent to which it can assist with different ailments and disabilities. This is the reason why we invested in Dutch Valley Farms and why I continue to devote countless hours to this cause.”Anthony J. Palacio, COO and Owner of Dutch Valley Farms

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