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4.7 stars

My new favorite cartridge brand 😍💖

YOU GUYS KILL IT IN EVERY ASPECT. The taste is amazing, the pen itself looks so luxurious & feels amazing quality. I will definitely keep buying 🔥. I've tried what feels like every company lol (Kurvana, Heavy Hitters, etc) & nothing compares to the flavors & quality 😍🔥. My favorite would definitely be the strawberry cough but you can't go wrong with any flavor 🔥😋. PLEASE DONT CHANGE, YOU GUYS ARE ALREADY AMAZING 20/10 🔥🔥

My go to

Oh I am LOVING this brand it has the cleanest tastiest high I’ve had in a minute!! I love how they’re disposables are rechargeable too they’re great for when you’re traveling out of town. Changing the game out here 🔥🔥🔥🤤

DIME is the Best of the Best!

By far best ive had in quality and value. Great design and functionality as well.

Best Cartridge Out There

I have tried a lot of different cartridges like Rove and WCC, Plug n play and Stiizys but Dime is the strongest, most flavorful and has the sleekest look than all the other ones imo. I will gladly only be buying Dime cartridges as these are by far the dankest! You will not be disappointed, even the battery is great. Battery life amazing, hasnt died on me yet and just about done with my cartridge. GO GET YOSELF ONE 🔥🔥🔥

Impressive and Smooth

I am thrilled that I was introduced to this product line. The batteries are much more consistent than others I have tried, and it's a cleaner, stronger high. The flavors are consistent, and its a smoother air flow. Gets me very high in a creamy, smooth sort of way.

Best vape ever 👌

Amazing product 👌

High as Dime

Simply said, I’ve Never had a pen hit as well or get me as High as Dime!

my favorite vape

I love Dime! one of the only vape companies I have found that is strain specific, and carries indica, sativa, & hybrid. I love the disposables, they are strong, tasty and super sleek. My favorite flavor is Peach & Wedding Cake! Can’t wait to try them all.

Quality unlike no other!!

I don’t like wasting my time on cartridges cause let’s be real they don’t do justice or it’s a sight head change and that’s all. I have not found a cartridge that gets me high until I found Dime. Such large pulls, one puff and I’m good. I usually smoke for my anxiety and appetite & especially cause most of the time I’m on the go they are so clutch. The durability on these pens are amazing too, I’m a clumsy person and have not had any cracked or broken cartridges with these solid tanks & the battery life last forever.

Rolls Royce of pens

I've smoked almost every pen you can buy. Once I hit the Dime it was a wrap! Highest quality, top of the line battery and the flavors are unmatched! If you haven't tried the Dime carts you must be high...in that case call Uber eats and your local delivery service. You'll thank me later!! “Hey-ay-ay-ay/Smoke weed every day.”


By far the most potent cart I have come across. Quality is on point and the style is unmatched. Def feel like I’m smoking a higher class product. 🤙🏾

The best of the best!

Hands down the best cartridge I have ever had. They have great flavors and it gets me right every time!

🍯🏆 The best new top quality product!

This product always picks me up when I need a quick clean hit! The flavors are always tasting amazing and the hardware is one of a kind! Love this product!

Unlike anything BUT hardest product to find

Dime, love love love your product, must give a 5 star plus. Just so hard to find you guys in Nor Cal but still a 5 plus with me. Currently pick up from San Francisco shop Connected, but live in Sac. Please place your product closer to save me the trip, haha. Also read some of the negative reviews here??? Said it’s NOT good?? Compared to what brand??? I’ve tried all other pens and NOTHING is nearly as close as quality, then again, people with a name on here like “MethHeadAss” how can you trust that review? It’s weed and not crack in these carts. LoL Ty Dime for all you do, true fan and user of your product. 🙏

meeh quality regular high

takes surprisingly similar to fake dank vapes or mario carts. pretty shady packaging. Dont buy if you like quality high

Top 3 Best Cartridges!!

The DIME industries cartridge is amazing the air flow is super smooth and the oil is extremely potent without that nasty after feeling of being "Too high." Tried Blueberry Haze so far and i love it can't wait to try the other flavors!

Best hands down

I’ve been using cartridges for the 3or 4 years and the Dime is hands down the best I have tried. Everyone has there own palette but for me it’s my new go to cartridge. Thank you

Only pen I will ever buy again

Dime is amazing I have not tried a pen that gives me great flavor and a great head change without compromising. I have tried all flavors and they are always consistent plus the Head change that last a while, the batteries are amazing long lasting super powerful this battery does not giving out . Definitely highly recommend

My favorite go to

When it comes to performance, Dime delivers. Their cartridges are amazing. I’m a heavy cannabis user, I’ve tried just about every vape that there is and I have to say Dime doesn’t fail. Nice head change, good flavor, excellent color consistency. Can’t go wrong.

Best I’ve smoked

Smoked pretty much everything and have’t found one pen to compare