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4.8 stars

THe Best!

Absolutely the best Disposables !! Excellent Quality, oil is fantastic, the flow and everything are much more better, than others!! I almost gave up on vapes until I tried this (blueberry lemon haze). Looking forward for an indica!! And WAITTT!! It’s Rechargeable!!

Epand Further

I live in Bakersfield and we need you out here

Can't go back after this

So far this is way ahead of ANY cart devise out in the market. I'd never normally consider a vape product, but this, this is a dab pen rig. Love it Love it OG, Jack Fruit and Strawberry is a MUST try


I have been a loyal Dime customer since I first got my hands on Wedding Cake. Once I tried the Strawberry Cough I was sold! I recently tried their Jack Fruit flavor and it is my new go to, it's perfect and light for summer but still gets you high off one hit. I've also been able to try the .5g disposables they have and they smack just as hard as the 1g carts! I travel a lot and they are small, discreet and you can recharge them. Dime has killed it on every product they have released so far and I can't wait to see what else they come out with!

fucking bad

these cartridges suck ass by that I mean the quality of the cart the oil is good but the actual cartridge is shit half of my fucking oil leak and clogged instead of a gram I got half a gram lmao never buying these again I bought 2 btw from 2 different places yeah no again oil pretty good not the best but the cartridge itself is ass as fuck like can j get a refund I figured out the problem on why the oil goes through where you smoke dude I honestly want a refund cause this shit is a joke and if the dispo doesn't want too then this looks bad for the company cause it happens to 2 carts and more than half of my oil leaked how do I know im cleaning it right now so I pretty much lost money and bud and no one wants to pay up for their mistakes okay lmao this company sucks ass
Dime Industries
were sorry you feel this way. We quality control every cart. We also replace every cart that is defective for some reason. Why you are not able to get a replacement is concerning us too. please contact us by email and we can help. I would advise anytime you have any issues you contact us directly.
Official Response


i dont really use Carts. as ihave had horrible experiences in the past. i recieved my 1st Dime industries cart as a "tip" for towing a customer. phenominal flavor and rips really well. Thank you Dime Industries for giving the industry of Carts. some hope 🤜🤛🙏

Best Cartridges Out

What is there not to like about Dime Cartridges, The flavors are so good. The fact that it has an even burn and gets all the product out. If your looking for a good reliable Cart, Dime is the way to go. Wedding cake is a real hitter. The Sweet before and after taste is what makes it so good. Great High, Keeps me up and going. Shout out to everyone at Dime for creating such great and reliable products.

Absolutely Splendid

The very first time I indulged in this beautiful strawberry cough cannabis oil I was gazing upon the sunset overlooking the Pacific Ocean. My nipples hard as a rock, as was I stoned.


its one of the best waxpens i ever tryed

The best. Quality + Style

Hands down the best pens & cartridges I’ve used thus far. Great quality hardware & stylish. You don’t see that often.

Get higher

This is the only brand i fukswid

Dime is what's up

Awesome company, super reliable stock, and the flavors are great! Its easy to reorder when you're low, great quality oil. I recommend the indica, bubblegum and passion fruit are great. Hybrid wedding cake is bomb too.


I tried a lot of different oils, but the quality married with style make these my fave!

Dime addicted

I love dime always a good quality... always expect the best to get u high. YASSSS

Think Higher

Take your stash and spend your cash!🤑 My first purchase with dime I got a wedding cake full gram amazing /different taste from a lot of the other brands. Batteries are amazing and last a very long time for their next charge. Staying on dime 4ever! 🤝

#1 cartridge

Out of all the different cartridges that I’ve tried Dime is for sure the best one. Not only is it super potent, but the flavors actually taste like what they’re supposed to. 10/10 would recommend.

My new favorite cartridge brand 😍💖

YOU GUYS KILL IT IN EVERY ASPECT. The taste is amazing, the pen itself looks so luxurious & feels amazing quality. I will definitely keep buying 🔥. I've tried what feels like every company lol (Kurvana, Heavy Hitters, etc) & nothing compares to the flavors & quality 😍🔥. My favorite would definitely be the strawberry cough but you can't go wrong with any flavor 🔥😋. PLEASE DONT CHANGE, YOU GUYS ARE ALREADY AMAZING 20/10 🔥🔥

My go to

Oh I am LOVING this brand it has the cleanest tastiest high I’ve had in a minute!! I love how they’re disposables are rechargeable too they’re great for when you’re traveling out of town. Changing the game out here 🔥🔥🔥🤤

DIME is the Best of the Best!

By far best ive had in quality and value. Great design and functionality as well.

Best Cartridge Out There

I have tried a lot of different cartridges like Rove and WCC, Plug n play and Stiizys but Dime is the strongest, most flavorful and has the sleekest look than all the other ones imo. I will gladly only be buying Dime cartridges as these are by far the dankest! You will not be disappointed, even the battery is great. Battery life amazing, hasnt died on me yet and just about done with my cartridge. GO GET YOSELF ONE 🔥🔥🔥