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Simpson Kush (Rick Simpson)

Variety Mother San Fernando Valley O.G. Kush
Variety Father Fruit Of the Gods (F.O.G.)
Strain Type Mostly Sativa

The Simpson Kush: The Simpson Kush is a cross between the legendary and finest of the OG Kush lines, the SFV(San Fenando Valley) OG Kush cross with our Fruit of the Gods. The famous old school woody scent and high from the NL5 Haze in the F.O.G came almost 100% through into the Simpson Kush, expanding the high and yield from the OG Kush, however still allowing for the quick onset high the Kush's are known for. Height: 1-1.5 meters average height indoors Weight (yield): 400-500 grams per square meter Flowering time in days: 63 days Ratio: Sativa 90%/ Indica 10% After working with an SFV OG Kush cutting for over 2 years, it became time to increase the yield. We crossed this legendary OG Kush pheno with our Fruit of the Gods(F.O.G) The yield increased tremendously perhaps due to the NL5 Haze we previously used making the F.O.G. The scent has the old school NL5 Haze scent as well. Virtually the SFV OG Kush was paramount at speeding up the flowering time. Taste (burned and unburned): sandlewood/SE Asian strain overtones: ""SourPine"" Scent (burned/unburned): Musky scent with a hue of Sour OG Kush. What the dried bud/crumbled bud looks like: The velvety feel and tight bud structure is apparent in this strain as it has a special feel of its own. Speed of high onset: The superior clear high comes on immediately after 1 -2 inhalations. Duration of high: The high lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on ones tolerance. Quality/type of high: The high is very uplifting and motivating allowing for one to carry on with their day. Stimulating results came from MS patients we have tested this variety out with. Medicinal qualities: Mind stimulating and motivating. Perhaps facilitates with alleviating muscle spasms. As a bona-fide medical patient myself, I enjoy using this variety throughout the day. It keeps me motivated and seldom tired, allowing me to think clear headed even after sitting in a chair for several hours doing computer assignments.


Variedad Madre San Fernando Valley O.G. Kush
Variedad Padre Fruit Of the Gods (F.O.G.)
Tipo de cepa Mayormente Sativa

El Simpson Kush: El Simpson Kush es un cruce entre el legendario y el más fino de las líneas de OG Kush, el SFV (Valle de San Fenando) OG Kush cruza con nuestro Fruit of the Gods. El famoso olor a madera de la vieja escuela y el alto de la NL5 Haze en la F.O.G llegaron casi al 100% a través de la Simpson Kush, ampliando la alta y el rendimiento de la OG Kush. El alto superior se enciende inmediatamente después de 1 -2 inhalaciones. Duración de alta: La alta dura de 30 minutos a 2 horas dependiendo de la tolerancia de unos. Calidad / tipo de alto: El alto es muy edificante y motivador, permitiendo que uno continúe con su día. Los resultados estimulantes provienen de pacientes con EM con los que hemos probado esta variedad. Cualidades medicinales: Mente estimulante y motivadora. Tal vez facilita con aliviar los espasmos musculares. Como paciente médico de buena fe, disfruto de usar esta variedad durante todo el día.

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