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4.3 stars

Don’t understand how this happens

Ur blissful wizard cartridge became one of my favorite so I purchased 3 and one is completely different than the other two... Taste and potency for sure. I’ll be checking the packaging later today when I get home but if all three packages say the same thing that’s a damn lie.... I’m not even going to finish this one it’s so bad that’s just too much money to be wasted I can’t risk more money on your products.

Guice and Northern Lights need some help

SunMed blows you out of the water with the quality and price of Guice. Curio Northern Lights is pretty weak. Low terpenes and it is more or less an evening strain vs. a couchlock insomnia strain that you want from it. SunMed Northen Lights does exactly what it should though. I worry Curio is more about getting high THC contents vs actual medically beneficial strains. Captains Cake is one of my favorites of yours, but even recently I wouldn’t buy it because of the over the top THC. You create a tolerance for THC and when you build one to something that high, like say 32%. Where do you have to go from there when it’s not effective in treating your condition(s)? Pretty much carts or concentrates. That’s not the idea here! Especially for the majority of mmcc clients/patients being older folks or people who aren’t looking to get blazed out of their minds. Try caring before worrying with being the “coolest”. SUNMEDS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Superb 🤗

I’m pretty new with this brand but I’ve had Goji Og and Animal Cookies and I am very impressed with what I got! The buds from both were so gorgeous and plump. They were both pungent and great smokes! Love the containers too ♥️

Patient Privacy

Texted me without consent out of the blue and claimed I signed up for it. Lies! HIPAA anyone?

Qc needs improvement

Of the 4 pre rolls I purchased only one was close to being the proper weight/size. Three were about half the size they should’ve been-probably has something to do with your bare-minimum “tamper seal”. Also, bought a kaviar cone that claimed to be 1.5g but was barely.5g which is ridiculous for a $30 pre roll. Get real tamper seals bc the tiny piece of green tape that you’re currently using does not work, especially when packaging can be opened w/o disturbing the seal. Also, please get your qc dept some glasses and teach them how scales work-really disappointed that the last 5 products I’ve purchased weren’t the weight they claimed to be which is a rip-off.

.6 Carts are fantastic and full

It's been a month or so since I tried Curio carts out again, but I noticed they had .6g of blissful wizard on the shelf and I love this strain, and curio concentrates are good but I was tired of the less than full tanks, thankfully I was pleasantly surprised to find only a little air pocket and a full tank !!!! thank you, if these carts continue to come filled I will be definitely purchasing more in the future, delicious, and smooth vape, plus gets you feeling so so good, update: have also had the choc mint og and captains cake in .6 full carts, fantastic concentrate that tastes exactly like the bud off the shelf love that.

Golden strawberry is bomb


Carts are not full

Yo why are your carts never full they always come 2/3 or half full they would be great if you filled them up completely maybe that’s why they are going down on prices

Very professional dispensary

Great service my first time and they were so helpful and knowledgeable!!!! Thanks

Short Filled Cartridges

While I enjoy your flower and overall product, I do not enjoy being ripped off. The last three cartridges I purchased were only about 2/3 full. I am no longer a customer.

For Legal Dude Who Left One Star

I have mad respect for a company that holds ANY MD Gov Agency accountable for violating it's own regulations. MUCH gratitude for Curio. It is not possible to have beneficial 'change' unless you rid corruption. It is that fn simple. THANKS CURIO for blasting MD w/education. Your level of integrity is admirable, not to mention your product 😎Tonight,my 1st time to Curio Wellness. Went for the cannabis cooking class. CURIO WELLNESS in Timonium, "THE" Curio? I FOUND YOU! I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! They strive on education at Curio, my favorite part. The cooking Class was loaded with detailed, crucial information for successful extraction AT HOME. The entire staff goes over and above catering to thier patients. They have Spa services. Anyone can go into Curio Wellness. They cater to ALL and have a designated area for certified patients. Its absolutely beautiful. I bought thier Blue Cheese bud I LOVE, Biissful Wizard & MK Ultra carts and CBD & THC Chews, HUGE INVENTORY! Amazing Experience!


are these guys kidding,filing a lawsuit because they are not making enough money ,maybe a better business plan .I won't buy anything from you again boycott curio

Blue Dream

This Batch of Dream is delicious and strong, coming in at 27% thca, the blueberry aroma is on point. Bud was cured properly and not to dry. Curio I now see you 👀 great job 👏 I will be giving some of the other strains a try in the future. 5 ⭐

Blissful Wizard Wow!

I picked up an eighth of BW from Liberty and wow just wow. For one it has the highest THC concentration I have personally come across at 37.1% - I don't put much stock in outrageous numbers like that as they are likely inflated in some way - however in this one the hype is real. The effects lasted strongly for about 2 hours after vaping and residually for another 45 mins. An excellent pain reliever perfect for upper back and gastrointestinal pain as it feels like a warm cloud lives in your center from head down. Quite euphoric and blissful (aptly named) so good for stress relief as well. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a seriously potent strain.

Blue Dream

Curio blue dream is the best blue dream ive had in a long time. Loving all the recent batches/strains. We need more blissful wizard!


The absolute best flower in Maryland. Blue Dream and my old favorite Northern lights are both outstanding. Also love Gorilla Glue!!


I have been nothing less than pleased with Curio products. O most recently purchased the Bubba Kush and Blue Dream. Absolutely amazing! The smell & taste of both were of off the charts tasty!!! The bud was trimmed nicely. I have yet to be disappointed. Keep up the excellent work CURIO.... help set the standard for cannabis in Maryland.

Best flower in Maryland.PERIOD

Curio has by far the best quality grown flower in Maryland hands down,all flowers are done right and caked up with trichomes and the nose is always on point and curio quality is untouchable by other brands.if you like California exotic recreational quality (jungle boyz,alien labs,sherbinski,big al’s) then this is the brand you will want to go with

Best. Staff. Ever.❤

I love this place so very much! The employees are so funny, kind, personable, and always extremely helpful and knowledgable about all of their products. And now that I have been to Curio a few times, I'm always greeted with a smile from everyone who's helped me in the past, and they remember details about the disaster that is my life; they ask about my job, my kids and the mayhem in general, and they are just the nicest ever. Obviously, I highly recommend Curio, especially if you're a first timer or a nervous nelly in general. The staff will make you feel comfortable immediately!

The Captain knows best

A go-to strain in Captain’s Cake for me personally. The buds are always well rounded with minimal stem, along with being beautiful looking, smelling and tasting. Instant relaxation achieved before I can even put down the binger! Also purchased a Blissful Wizard disposable cartridge because of a friend’s recommendation. Great call! Wish it was easier to find the flower near me. I may go to Curio in person and ask about that 😂. Keep up the good work and please continue to put out quality products!