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Crown Extracts reigns as the king of concentrates. They specialize in premium-quality extracts, such as waxes, shatter and much more for the discerning cannabis connoisseur. Working with exclusive, hard-to-find LA growers, Crown Extracts’ puts dab-lovers in a frenzy. CE products fly off the shelves almost as soon as they land. With a dedication to good work and a reputation of royalty, Crown Extracts benevolently rules as the concentrates king.



Founded back in 2010, Crown Extracts is one of the original extract artists on the California scene. The founders were pioneers in their field, bringing with them a long history of working in dispensaries, glass, growing and every other corner of the marijuana industry. As they paved the way for concentrates, Crown Extracts spent months in R&D, perfecting their extraction methods and learning how to produce a consistently excellent dab worthy of a king. Today, Crown Extracts has grown as quickly as any other player in the cannabis industry, while their extracts vanish off dispensary shelves throughout Southern California.



Crown Extracts is proud to lead the industry with their refined extraction processes. Using closed-loop BHO extraction, they craft their concentrates from the finest source material cannabis on the market. Their history in the industry allows them to work closely with other marijuana players and gives them access to genetics you won’t find anywhere else. Crown Extracts then churns out their different nug run and trim run into beautiful and flavorful shatters, budders and more. Strain favorites include XJ-13, White Fire #5, Gorilla Cookies, Kushberry, and dozens more.

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I’ve honestly never smoked anything better! It was so clean and had a great head high. I buy this all the time in Culver! Highly recommend!

Top Notch

Crown extracts is legit. Great taste nice, smooth and most definitely potent it's a must buy.

Why don't you sell in LA anymore?? :((((((

These dabs were my absolute JAM. And bread and butter too. Especially the white rabbit is some of the best shit I have ever smoked. But you don't sell in LA anymore. Why the hell not? I would give 10/5 stars if I could get these dabs.