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2.8 stars

need help

I am in London Ontario Canada and I need 4 clones can anyone help me please I'll do shipping as long as their alive on arrival I'll pay need indica

Dont quit your day job.

Your clones wont pay my bills... dumping everything you delivered into the trash can first thing in the morning. Bugs EVERYWHERE. pathetic

Sit your clones on the shelf any longer?

what i just received was terrible. no roots moldy brown fungus growing on cubes. go elsewhere

To be determined

Got the plants transplanted and half wilted immediately. I ordered from another clone supplier and had great transplant rate so I know it's not my issue! I spoke to the owner here and had terrible communication after the initial complaint. BUYER BEWARE: once you pay for your plants here, the guarantees they offer end immediately. Far as I'm concerned I spent $250 on cauliflower. I doubt the quality will be potent based on the quality I have already seen! This place is a looser, hands down.

Desperate retired weak purple deficient stems

need i say more? mom stock was clearly malnurished. I tried to take clones back after you guys gave them to my wife but I guess its final sale around these parts. Ill stick to my supplier in OC, drove two hours in traffic, and I can always buy more clones, but the traffic man, the traffic. Next time qc those puppies first please.

A repeated failure

The Blueberry cuts you sent me last time had root aphid issues (not bad, but not good either), so I requested replacements, and the batch your driver just delivered was absolutely covered in spider mite eggs. So horrible I cannot get over this. End of the road for me pal...

Can't say enough....

You know...rarely does a company...and person.......impress so much that I'd take the time on a Sunday morning to write a review. I'd gone to Weed Church hoping to buy clones. I'd purchased there before but never was in the market for clones. They don't sell clones, as it turns out, but referred me to the entity they said is the only one they recommend for clones. I'd been almost amazed over time with the degree to which the staff at Weed Church really knows their I was sure if they felt so strongly about someone that there was assuredly a good reason. Sure enough. I called and spoke with Tyler....made arrangements to purchase eight clones. In ANY industry, it's hard to find folks who are responsible.....dependable, etc. Tyler showed at precisely 8PM the next he'd promised....and in and of itself, in comparison to many in this space, he proved reliable. I'd explained to Tyler that we were very new.....that my wife and I could really use some guidance given this would be only our second indoor grow, and given that the help we thought we'd arranged through one of the local grow stores turned out to be a nightmare individual...on several fronts. I told Tyler that of course, we'd be wiling to pay him for the privilege of having him peep our grow every couple of weeks....give us that peace of mind that some professional hand holding should afford us. Well...Tyler made it very clear that he was absolutely willing to help us....and would.....but he'd be taking no money from us other than the price of the clones. Furthermore, he told us we lived very close to each other and that he would make himself even more available than for the person who didn't happen to live just a half mile away, He explained to us that when he dropped of the clones, he'd be able to give us a solid half hour that address our grow know...just all sorts of things. He gave us almost an hour and a half.....and NEVER ONCE made us feel like we were imposing and not for a second did he make us feel like we were getting the bum's rush. A couple weeks pass....during which time we're seeing our ladies die an ugly death. Tyler had asked us to text him with pics and any issues/questions we might have along the way.....and I'd done that a couple times and always a fast response...even very late night once. All eight plants died...withered away to nothing. Tyler was positive it was the temp in the tent.....much too hot. He had us buy an AC unit for the tent and we asked him to bring eight more clones...that we'd F=d up the first eight (operative word "we"...not Tyler). Tyler told us he'd be by the next night at 9PM with the clones. He arri ved at (PM SHARP...with the clones. And here's the thing.......Tyler replaced all eight clones and WOULDN'T TAKE A DIME. At the very LEAST we'd expected to pay for the new clones...they died because we'd messed up. Still, Tyler saw fit to shine on the money...would not TAKE the money even though we'd insisted pretty strongly. I mean......where do you FIND someone like this!? I can't thjan k the Weed Church enough for making this referral for us. Tyler is as knowledgeable and friendly as it gets, but he's also all we veery much appreciate. I can't say enough, we can't be more pleased and impressed with this gentleman. Wow. Just WOW.

Very great experience

Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. Met me very quickly and offered great advice. One of the best customer service experiences I've had, they're a great example for what kind and compassionate care should be. Is recommend this spot to anyone. I look forward to the next visit !

Top Shelf Company

Awesome customer service and extremely knowledgeable. The clones looked great.


This operation is top notch. I met with T at a local spot, and came away extremely happy. The Pineapple OG plants look extremely healthy; they're rooted; and well kept. I'll follow up with a review on the flowers when that time comes. Many thanks!

Outstanding service and clones

I purchased 3 clones from CG and they were all excellent. I'm in the flowering phase right now and they are looking good. Very friendly and knowledgeable about the clones. Will definitely do business with them again.