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Clones Clone Gardens is the effort of cool, compassionate people supplying healthy, sustainable clones. Folks new to medical cannabis need not fear the unknowns of growing, Clones Clone Gardens’ friendly and helpful team are all too happy to help. Their founder believes that doing what you can to be good to each other is the coolest thing you can do. Clones Clone Gardens works with a diverse clientele of everyday people, and their team has the know-how to help any patient from seasoned smoker to cannabis newbie. Clones Clone Gardens is a no-judgement zone, no question is too silly or inquiry too small. Interested in just one or two cannabis plants for yourself? No problem! Clones Clone Gardens is excited to meet and give the knowledge you need to yield healthy, potent cannabis flowers.



Clones Clone Gardens was founded in 2015 by a really awesome person dedicated to empowering patients through sustainable medicine. “Anything that can get people away from pharmaceuticals just makes a lot of sense,” Tyler, founder of Clones Clone Gardens, explains. Prior to launching his cannabusiness, Tyler was a patient and card holder himself. He was inspired to start Clones Clone Gardens simply because he “thought it’d be cool.” Tyler’s vision was to create a cannabis clone business that shrugs the shady dealer mentality of old for coolness, compassion, and education. Tyler’s mission was well received, and through word of mouth Clones Clone Gardens grew substantially. Today, Clones Clone Gardens still serves the same community with hopes to grow into other areas throughout Southern California.



If you're growing your first cannabis plant, there is a good chance of it dying. Clones Clone Gardens is dedicated to being a resource for wellness and will replace plants that die within the first five days. Clones Clone Gardens holds the foundational threads of cannabis culture dear. The 420 community was established on a premise of compassion, which is why Clones Clone Gardens happy to replace clones for patients and provide phenomenal customer service. New patients growing cannabis for the first time will leave Clones Clone Garden with a wealth of knowledge and comprehensive support.



Clones Clone Gardens sourced their original seeds from reputable seed banks and master growers Tyler  has known for many years. Their clones are planted in Oasis Wedge containers, allowing the cannabis to take root easier and breathe better. Clones Clone Gardens clones come from healthy mother plants and, with proper care and plenty of love, sprout into resinous flowers. Patients love their Gorilla Glue #4 clones; this strain has a high THC content and delivers a soothing body high with mood-boosting effects. Another customer favorite is Sunset Sherbet; these clones produce flowers with sweet and fruity aromatics. Sunset Sherbet has a berry and mint flavor profile and places smokers in lulling relaxation while also promoting happiness and creativity. There are plenty of stellar clones from which to choose, including incredible strains such as Blue Dream, Cotton Candy, and SFV OG.

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Got the plants transplanted and half wilted immediately. I ordered from another clone supplier and had great transplant rate so I know it's not my issue! I spoke to the owner here and had terrible communication after the initial complaint. BUYER BEWARE: once you pay for your plants here, the guarantees they offer end immediately. Far as I'm concerned I spent $250 on cauliflower. I doubt the quality will be potent based on the quality I have already seen! This place is a looser, hands down.

Dont quit your day job.

Your clones wont pay my bills... dumping everything you delivered into the trash can first thing in the morning. Bugs EVERYWHERE. pathetic

Sit your clones on the shelf any longer?

what i just received was terrible. no roots moldy brown fungus growing on cubes. go elsewhere