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Let Claw be your modern tool for wellness.

Pure.Pristine.Clean. Step into the Claw experience and let us dissolve your symptoms with one puff and many flavors. Take a seat, pull out your pen and relax. We've got you covered. Claw is State Licensed, so there’s no need to worry.

Every idea starts with a problem to be solved. Claw was founded searching for severe chronic pain relief and evolved with an immune compromised sensitivity to pesticides. Leading the industry into Michigan's clean medicine movement and now state mandated testing. 

Claw came to solve the health-conscious patients concerns when the market still had a monopoly board of nylon wicked, plastic, untested, unregulated, no name cartridges. Our solution was a glass & ceramic core "sauce" cartridge. No games, no questions and always lab tested. Knowing the source was our start to clean medicine.

Claw evolved into distillate filled cartridges, raising THC levels and added cannabis derived terpenes. This provided the most effective and quickest pain relief in a discrete form. Claw has never used MCT, VG, PG or other cutting agents. Our ingredients are crafted with everyone's health & wellness in mind. Do you buy your groceries without knowing what is in them? We don't either! 

We currently produce  featuring the highest quality state lab tested THC distillate and cannabis derived terpene blends. In 2018 we introduced Michigan's original pod, the vFire. Claw has exclusive distribution rights in our home state of Michigan for the vFire. The future of Claw will widen your variety of intake methods and shorten activation time to help increase your times of relief.


Claw lead the battle of transparency by posting our test results publicly for all patients to obtain. Leaving nothing to be questioned. We promise to provide a safe & comfortable product that our long-term patients can rely on.





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State License

  • Medical Mfg. PR-000021



Great product

Some of you “experts” crack me up. Like this fool under my review. What a crock of shit poor baby my lungs were burning.. take a smaller hit dip shit. Their oil is prob the clearest you’ll find not all gross and almost brown colored like some others.

Vfire pods...

Got 4 pods, 3 of them are basically clear (no color) taste weird and have no potency. Plus the pods always have leftovers you can't finish. Stick to Ccells and check your pods/carts before the staples hit the bag.

V-Fire Pods

These pods are high quality but they continue to bubble up every one I get causing me to lose almost half of the cartridge, when you're paying a lot of money for a half gram cart this shouldn't be happening.... need to fix it claw