CornerStones by Canna Vita

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CornerStones by Canna Vita


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Canna Vita

Canna Vita crafts marijuana-infused edibles and topicals. Canna Vita’s vision is to give Washington marijuana customers a variety of healthy cannabis options that best suit their individual lifestyle, while maintaining extraordinary flavors at an affordable price.

 Canna Vita was the first to create medical-grade flower in Washington. The team is compliant with the state’s regulations, and is proud to offer superior products with consistent relief. Canna Vita products are phenomenal for those seeking a smokeless way to manage pain, anxiety, or a whole host of other ailments treatable with marijuana.


Canna Vita crafts melt-in-your-mouth cannabis treats deliver consistent flavor and texture in each batch. The menu of extraordinary edibles includes Milk, Dark and White chocolate flavored candies in specialty flavors including Sugar Free Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Milk Mint, Milk Hazelnut, Dark Epresso, Dark Orange, White Raspberry, Mexican Milk Chocolate, Dark Spicy Ancho Chile and White Horchata with 100mg of THC per package and 10mg in each single serving. Canna consumers will also find Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) capsules and topicals that are made with essential oils to moisturize and replenish.

*Customers should note that while medicating, Canna Vita’s exquisite treats do not taste like cannabis at all -- and are difficult to stop eating.


The canna-chefs in the Canna Vita kitchen use the highest quality distillate from Oleum Labs. They currently produce their supply of RSO that can be found in capsules and topicals. The surplus of flower strains is grown and cared for by Canna Vita’s team of professional cannabis cultivators with decades of experience.

 Lab Testing

Tested with integrity, Canna Vita sends their cannabis-infused treats and products to Capitol Analysis. Each batch of edibles meets all Washington state testing standards, and is analyzed for microbiological materials, foreign matter, and potency.


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These are great, but what strain are they?

I have really enjoyed these chocolates for both taste and effect. The only thing that sucks with these is there is no indication as to what strain they are, or even of the cannabis used to make them was Indica or sativa. 🤷‍♂️


I used to buy chocolates back in medical and I think this is the same company. so happy that they are at the rec stores. I go to mary mart in tacoma all the time and they always have all the flavors and they are only 15 dollars. my favorite is the horchata and peanut butter but I've never had a flavor I dont like. THANK YOU CORNERSTONES!!!! YUM