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Founded in 2016 in SoCal, CaliGreenGold is pioneering Innovation, Originality and Integrity for our cannabis community. Our Artisanal & Luxurious cannabis portfolio features the finest fire flower, hand wrapped in Rose petals, Palm and Hemp leaf, deliciously paired with our award winning, full spectrum Concentrates. We offer Prerolls, Blunts, & Cannagars alongside a wide variety of strains from Classics to Exotics, infused with our Live Resin, Diamonds & Crumble.           


       We are Blazing a new craft in the culture, perfectly pairing flower & concentrates, so you can get freshly Lit, feeling pleasure and relief in new ways. Meaningful, luxurious and authentic experiences are Made with Love, quality and unrelenting passion, our products are sealed with hand dipped Wax & Stamped with love. You deserve to treat yourself, friends and family to the finest that life can offer….

One Love, David Danon - Founder 

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  • Distributor C11-0000035-LIC