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About Us:

Our team meticulously curates a selection of the world's finest strains, ranging from industry classics to rare exotics.  We cultivate and manufacture SINGLE ORIGIN cannabis products ranging from farm fresh packaged flower to artisan extracts.  

Our mission is to uplift the welfare of our community, while elevating the reputation of this industry, through cultivation with integrity.  


Our Farm: 

Grown in Salinas Valley, California 

Our cannabis is grown in California's storied Salinas Valley, known as the "Salad Bowl of the World," for its diverse agriculture and ideal climate.  Located in central California, near the Pacific coast, this major valley is one of the country's most fertile regions.  


Our Process:

Best of Both Worlds

Our NATURAL-LIGHT INDOOR facility harnesses the perfect conditions of Salinas Valley by using state-of-the-art structures that also utilize the natural sunlight, providing indoor-quality cannabis at a great value.  Getting the full spectrum of light from the sun results in healthier plants and flavor profiles that only Mother Nature can provide.  These full environment controlled grow rooms are carefully monitored by our experienced grow team and never use any harmful chemicals or pesticides.  We passionately strive to offer the purest and most consistent experience possible.  



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State License

  • Adult-Use Cultivation TAL18-0004123
  • Adult-Use Cultivation TAL18-0004125
  • Adult-Use Cultivation TAL18-0004126
  • Adult-Use Cultivation TAL18-0004127
  • Adult-Use Cultivation TAL18-0004124


Trillla G

Potent smoke great taste

I recently picked up some of their flowers and pre rolls. Their Miss USA flower with a couple pre rolls of Gelato and Kandy Kush were amazing. Potent highs that also tasted great. Will definitely try again.

The best in the West!

"Cultivating Happiness" with "Farm Fresh Flowers"!! That Gelato tho..... Mmmmm....

Great product

Ive been buying Cali Bud Co for almost a year now and their consistency and flavors are off the charts, great product!!!