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“The Gold Standard in Full-Spectrum Extraction”

BOSM Labs is the specialist of whole-plant cannabis extracts, producing saucy and sugary full spectrum concentrates. BOSM Labs' passion for marijuana stands at the core of what they do, and their artisan extractors are driven by their love of cannabis. BOSM Labs has set out to craft the best Live Resin extracts in Colorado, working with local grows and collectives to source their starting material. Seasoned patients and concentrate enthusiasts will see the difference as soon as they open up a container of BOSM Labs.



The founder had been part of the marijuana industry since 2009 and was lead by the desire to put out the highest quality product which lead to the development of this premium concentrates company.

BOSM Labs began in February 2017, but had their official launch in April. This Live Resin extraction cannabusiness was conceptualized at an unusual venue. BOSM Labs was created at what the founders now refer to as an "X-Games development meeting." At the 2017 X-Games the founders took a whiteboard to their hotel to ideate BOSM Labs’ brand vision. They knew they wanted the focus to center on Live Resin extraction, but were driven by their own ability to create concentrates unlike anyone else on the market.



BOSM Labs employs a five-point terpene protection plan that begins at harvest and goes throughout the extraction process. Great flowers have great terpenes, and BOSM Labs prides themselves on having an eye for premium cannabis. BOSM Labs connects with cannabis farms operated by experienced and dedicated cultivators with the same amount of passion for marijuana. By sourcing their starting material from other impassioned cannabis enthusiasts BOSM Labs begins their extraction with flowers of the highest quality. BOSM Labs is a resource to premium cannabis extracts for individual customers and dispensaries looking for solutions to their processing needs.



BOSM Labs is for those who long for flavor. Remarkable terpenes are expressed in every glob, whether a baby-dab or “extra-medium” sized dab for after work, every note that was in the original plant sings with flavor. Their line of Whole Plant extractions are their sauciest, and their Trim Resin also displays chunks of sugar with the occasional budder consistency. No matter what patients choose they are sure to receive a flavorful dab with clean, euphoric effects.

Their most coveted extraction is BOSM Labs Gold Live Resin, made with top-shelf flowers. This concentrate is made to pack full bodied taste, and their terpene protection plan ensures the flavor profile of the original plant is significantly apparent. Their other cannabis extractions are not strain specific, BOSM Labs also offers terpene forward concentrates as Cured Live Resin, Live Resin and Trim Resin. 

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Loved it!

had some gg4 live sugar. The smell and taste was amazing! Can't wait to come to Colorado again

Horrible service. Worst experience imaginable

Everyone knows about the recall they had for their shitty products. when this happened i heard they were making it right for the customers. I sent the number and codes and everything that were on the oz jars for verification. I spent 800 bucks on shitty product that was recalled. They offered me 200 bucks and never sent another message to me again. After 6 messages of asking for more since that would be a 600 dollar loss, i said i would take the 200 because thats better than nothing. STILL NO REPLY. GREAT AT TAKING YOUR MONEY. horrible shitty thing to do. especially since you guys were the ones that said you would give 200 dollar credit.

Favorite Concentrate Company

Everything I have gotten has been absolute fire, even the trim resin is delicious! I consistently get trim resin from BOSM that tastes better than nug run and even live resin from other concentrate companies. Their live resin is so tasty, I haven't been disappointed once by any of their products, wonderful consistency in quality and some of the best flavor profiles available.