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Baby Jane


Users report feeling euphoric.

Where the gas is sweet; we're all about making moments sweeter and brighter by offering high-end, indoor grown flower. Baby Jane products are bursting with flavor for those who enjoy exotics.


· Taste: Berry, Citrus, Sweet and Pungent

· Feeling: Euphoric, Giggly, Happy

· Description: Pink champagne is the perfect energetic strain if you're looking for vibrance. It'll give you a creative high you can vibe off of; perfect for dancing, socializing, or chilling with the homies!

  • Earthy
  • Pine
  • Pungent
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Baby Jane
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Introducing Baby Jane - The newest line of Indoor Grown Exotic flower bred with the sweetest and gassiest terps around. 

Baby Jane - Where the gas is sweet!

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Pink Champagne

Ken Estes, the breeder responsible for the legendary Grand Daddy Purple (GDP), is also the mind behind Pink Champagne, a sweet-tasting hybrid that is a direct descendant of his famous GDP and Cherry Pie, according to sources online.

This rose-scented and trichome-laden strain is sometimes referred to as Phantom, Wow Kush, or Raspberry Kush. Pink Champagne sports small, bright-green buds with orange pistils and, occasionally, purple hues passed down from its GDP heritage. This strain doesn’t appear to be available in seed form, so growers would have to source clippings of a Pink Champagne plant and clone it. However, this strain is considered a rarity and there’s little information available on how to grow it.

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