Artisan-Crafted,Premium Edibles  

Treat yourself to hand-crafted, small-batch, hemp-infused edibles made with the highest quality ingredients. Creative in the kitchen? Take culinary control of your experience and mix our chef quality sugars and sweeteners into your own drinks and recipes!


Our Story  

Azuca Technology was invented by Ron Silver, the chef behind Bubby’s—NYC’s favorite brunch spots. Having crafted perfect mayonnaise, vinaigrette and hollandaise for decades, Ron knows a lot—maybe more than anyone—about the art and science of emulsion, aka mixing things that aren’t mutually soluble, like oil and water. When Ron discovered that the drawbacks of hemp extracts are tied to its oil-based delivery system, he saw a path to replacing slow-acting, strange-tasting, unpredictable conventional hemp extracts, with a precise, fast-acting and delicious alternative: Azuca.


Ron founded Azuca Labs to do what nobody had done before—blend the best ideas from scientific and culinary sources. Azuca Labs pioneered a new process that transforms cannabinoid delivery, eliminating the need for an oil-based carrier. With three patents pending, Azuca Technology helps your body absorb hemp extract faster, by getting the oil out. This allows Azuca products to take effect in a groundbreaking two to fifteen minutes.


Water-friendly Azuca also tastes a lot better. Unlike products using oil-based carriers, you can mix Azuca sweeteners directly into any drink or recipe without adding an oily texture, or strong taste and smell, like other hemp extracts. You can also enjoy the wellness benefits of hemp cannabinoids in Azuca Chocolate Coins, artisan-crafted for a premium experience. From flavor to packaging to precise dosing and predictable experience, at Azuca Labs, we’re committed to creating the ideal edibles experience for everyone—precise, fast-acting and delicious.