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When passion and necessity collide, 91 PLUS is born. At 91 PLUS we take pride in what we do. All of our edibles, chocolates, gummies, and hard candies are made of pure raw distillate or cbd oil, under the highest quality, controlled environment to ensure your satisfaction.

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Medicine for our Military

We would like to thank you for your kind generosity towards your local veterans. We are pleased to recommend 91 Plus to all. 91 Plus have gone out of their way to supply free edible products to help Medicine for our Military lower the suicide rate ( the 22 suicides a day) of our military veterans, statistically speaking. Additionally the PTSD, medically disabled, chronically ill and terminally ill, socially challenged as well as returning Afghanistan/Iraq, Vietnam, Korean, Gulf, Desert Storm, Bosnia combat veterans with PTSD and injuries and in need of medication. Medicine for our Military membership ranges from WW2 through all current military operations. We all would like to thank you here from Medicine from our Military. We can't thank you enough!

Donation to Veterans

I am a member of a Veteran's Advocacy group called Medicine for Our Military. This company donates their product to local veterans who are desperately in need. Thank you for giving back to those who sacrificed so much for you! This is much more than marijuana products, it's medicine, and it's also a statement. They're actions stated that they genuinely care about veterans. Support your local veterans and buy you'r marijuana products from companies that give back to veterans. Thank You!
mathew bennett

By far the best edible i have ever had

I have nothing but great things to say about 91 plus edibles They work real well and actually taste amazing not just like weed n sugar which a ton of companies taste like . Also 91 plus aint playing when they say potent they are i have a huge tolerance to edibles because i use them daily to help with pain and the brownie that i was given was so amazing and i truly wanted to say thank you to the 91 plus people that meant the world to me and please keep up the good work ill gladly be the guinea pig for you guys lol Honestly i will not use another edible company now 91 plus is the best and thank you and my friends from weed got it Suzzie and Cisco for helping me and telling the 91 guys about me and giving me that brownie was just to awesome Thank you all so much Keep up the Great work your friend Blind Matt