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528hz is the frequency of love, it’s also called the miracle note and this frequency resonates at the center of our being. 528 Cannabis Co is the first and only company to blend the art, science and beauty of Cannabis, with the holistic benefits of Sound and Light Therapy. We imbue all our products throughout the manufacturing process with a proprietary blend of Sound and Light at 528hz. The end result of this mindfulness and attention to detail is a product of exceptional beauty, quality and value. 528 is a brand that embodies the best of ourselves, we poured our heart into every aspect of production and it shows in the beauty of the packaging to the wonderful flavor and potency of the oil and the functionality of the cartridge itself. Won’t you join us? Ours is a mission of love. Let’s spread the good vibes and celebrate our humanity one lovely pull at a time because 528 is for the people! And the people need 528!

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State License

  • Medical Mfg. CDPH-10003030
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-10003030