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2020 Hiieffect is a premium cannabis and lifestyle brand designed to bring a top-grade experience to both medical and recreational users. Our products include: pre-rolled hand crafted joints, infused flower, high-grade concentrates, disposable vape pens, and more. Above all, 2020 Hiieffect's mission is to consistently deliver high-quality cannabis products to the world, while offering a lifestyle brand that reflects the wonderful cannabis community.


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Good Cartridges

Purchased the “Future” line of 2020’s cartridges. This particular line of carts seems to be geared more towards novices due to the wide variety of flavor options and relatively lower THC content (compared to pretty potent carts like Heavy Hitters, Select, and Brass Knuckles), but still a pretty alright THC percentage, from what I can tell. The “Future” line of cartridges are all indica, with no strain information presented on the packaging, the biggest drawback for me (2020 does offer strain specific and premium cartridges as well). The cartridge came in a small, heavy-duty plastic tube, which is great for when you are out and about and have your pen in your pocket (multiple times I’ve reached into my pocket and pulled out a cracked or shattered Heavy Hitters cart). The cartridge itself is bulky and very well built. This is absolutely my favorite cartridge design I have used. The ceramic tip is lovely and the hardware is a shade of gold that nearly perfectly matches the color of the oil. And the cherry on top: you can twist the ring by the base to adjust the amount of airflow. Awesome. The packaging claims that this product is “Lab Tested Certified” but does not provide a cannabinoid profile, a batch number, or a lab name. **UPDATE** Tried the Blue Mountain strain from the “Private” line, I was very pleased. I would recommend this brand to others.

Rock Solid

I've ordered from these folks a couple times and they take great care of their customers. They have a fantastic line of products for hard-heads and newbies alike. If any problem arises, no worries, they'll get it handled and they'll make sure you get some heavy sweetener put on your order for any inconvenience. 10/10 customer service and communication, if I'm ordering in for my ganja needs, trust that this is who I'm gonna call from now on.

Cheap battery

I thought I had lucked out and bought the best battery when I payed $40 for one of their new 2020 three settings battery only to have the heating element stick to the charger and break off. Now after only 3 weeks I am out $40 for a cheap battery and I’m not able to vape this cartridge in front of me. Please tell me you have a return policy