11:11 Cannabis Company



Who are we

We’re a Micro-License Cannabis Brand located in Long beach California Holding Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Distribution. We focus on bringing the highest quality solventless concentrates to the market. We offer a variety of textures, infused Hashgars, solventless pens, and terp syringes.

Our Solventless Process

We start by hand selecting specific cultivars that are specifically grown for hash. These plants are handled less, harvested with care to not touch the buds, and immediately frozen during harvest to ensure freshness. We then wash the buds in purified water to ensure a clean product. By hand we gently move the buds through the ice and water mixture using a paddle to preserve and not damage the trichomes. We collect then collect the separate trichomes and filter based on size. This uses the process of sublimation. This means we freeze the product and dry it under freezing temperatures to retain the most flavor and aroma. After drying we then package in small bags used to filter the hash when we press it into rosin. This leaves you with a healthy pure product that represents the quality other the buds it was made from. Simply put quality in quality out!

State License

  • Microbusiness C12-0000054-LIC