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    What are you smoking?

    LeGaLiZeD Green Cheese (Confidential Cheese x Emerald Jack) (I think!) Kief added for an extra punch! All have a pain free, Friday Eve!
    2015-03-26 18:58:08 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Green Cheese with some W.M. Kief... ... about to get twisted!
    2015-03-26 18:55:54 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Green Cheese ... Nice and cured now! Cheers Mappers, Have a great one!
    2015-03-26 18:45:09 UTC
    Nickatnight Smoking the last of the Monkey Paw, Cheers! Have a high day!!
    2015-03-26 18:36:23 UTC
    MR.MORRISON Hippie Crippler with Jet Fuel OG Kief for a wake and bake Coffee and some reading today."Don't mistake lack of talent for genius".
    2015-03-26 18:09:38 UTC
    J.perszro Pink Champagne
    2015-03-26 17:49:11 UTC
    madkatter420 some sour cookies
    2015-03-26 17:14:43 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 dabs of bubble gum before a dispensary trip. need some autodabber for the bay. got me a coupon!
    2015-03-26 16:50:31 UTC
    CoeusPrime L'il something fun for waking and baking...doing some Afghani for a change of pace...
    2015-03-26 16:28:40 UTC
    bobaloo Some hg Purple Cowboy...dammit, his spur dug in again...good morning to the canna crew, hope y'all have a great day!!
    2015-03-26 16:07:43 UTC
    CoeusPrime For Janet: How I reach the ones in back. My modular grow room design paid off this week...
    2015-03-26 15:18:19 UTC
    janetplanet My left arm still hurts except for right now after smoking Euphoria!!! A big thanks to Madd Maxx for the weed!!! Good morning world...
    2015-03-26 14:28:08 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning Mappers! Just me and the ladies sayin' g'mornin from *fabulous* downtown Henderson Nevada!
    2015-03-26 14:20:51 UTC
    naenae75 smoking on that Chem Dawg.... be blessed all....
    2015-03-26 13:56:33 UTC
    BlndMJfun Tiger's Milk to start this vacation Thursday followed by a dab of Hawaiian secret agent shatter... Enjoy the day mappers.
    2015-03-26 13:32:25 UTC
    raymondleo We do discrete overnight delivery of some top notch Cannabis:240 718 4666 or email (
    2015-03-26 08:38:15 UTC
    raymondleo We do discrete overnight delivery of some top notch Cannabis:240 718 466 or email (
    2015-03-26 08:35:37 UTC
    ChristyBakes Green Gorilla
    2015-03-26 06:45:32 UTC
    mrcruz23 Super Silver Haze and Snoop's Purple Master Da Mafia 6ix "Do Dabs" ft. Mariah Jane
    2015-03-26 06:19:18 UTC
    Wild420Flower King Louis Xlll
    2015-03-26 05:59:37 UTC


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