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    pacal420 Twas the day b4 420, when all through the house, a bong was stirring, Tahoe express shatter lol
    2014-04-19 14:28:19 UTC
    ganjagodess Follow up bowl of G-13 celebrating my mini staycation from work....4 glorious days off! Cheers!
    2014-04-19 14:23:14 UTC
    nightadtr420 Blue Dream crumble wake and bake. Stay lifted
    2014-04-19 14:18:42 UTC
    Mars94 Crap guys, that True OG came back from the dead - and it's pissed! Morning friends!
    2014-04-19 14:15:52 UTC
    ɳʉɠɠʑʑ NL good morning all.. ヅ
    2014-04-19 14:09:29 UTC
    Kushinbowlz king louie og, lavander , matts #1 og and sum bubba kush wax
    2014-04-19 14:02:50 UTC
    pacal420 WnB kids !!! Devil cut OG
    2014-04-19 13:41:25 UTC
    10101101 Morning everyone:) Just a little dabbing with some Dairy Queen Snap!
    2014-04-19 13:32:12 UTC
    kizzy Morning everyone, Mr Frosty, Blue Dream x Pre98BubbaxSnowdawg and LAOG x Pre98BubbaxSnowdawg
    2014-04-19 13:28:11 UTC
    MRGREENBUDD A few nice nuggs of Berry for an awesome wake n bake
    2014-04-19 13:25:16 UTC
    Drico219 Some Mike Phelps wale and bake!
    2014-04-19 13:18:32 UTC
    MrSensiSnax A cup of coffee, a smoldering Camel, a bowl of C99, my baby by my side and a dab of sexyr's wax, good morning
    2014-04-19 13:14:04 UTC
    humboldtzboy Dabbin' Rx13 shatter.... Snowdawg x Humboldt OG in sexyr's original hit man. Get some sleep and begin my 420 weekend! Happy 420 everyone.
    2014-04-19 13:03:59 UTC
    prommj wakin n bakin on dat hollands hope! gittin ready for cannabis cup!! stay lifted !!!
    2014-04-19 13:00:04 UTC
    ganjagodess Good morning mappers...a little C-99 in my bowl and a cup of Midtown Manhattan in tow.
    2014-04-19 12:41:55 UTC
    hiphopsnme Hawaiian Fantasy
    2014-04-19 12:18:16 UTC
    420Badger Green Crack to get the day started!!!!
    2014-04-19 11:53:44 UTC
    mang MK Ultra and Pure OG
    2014-04-19 09:40:26 UTC
    pvtsamoa Skywalker!
    2014-04-19 09:26:21 UTC
    RaynMan206 A huge rip of 'Jane Doe' & sum GTA V!! Happy 4/20 wkend yo!!
    2014-04-19 08:05:38 UTC


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