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    What are you smoking?

    msilverado Waking and baking with some Grandaddy Purple from Euphoria Wellness.
    2015-08-31 12:39:24 UTC
    kizzy Band more of this Kangaroo Jack, has a very Strong Jack H smell to it, stay lifted my friends.
    2015-08-31 12:01:32 UTC
    kizzy Gmorning everyone, some more Sherbert Cookies shatter
    2015-08-31 11:59:15 UTC
    JustJoeKing Presidential Kush and bruce banner moon rocks
    2015-08-31 07:49:54 UTC
    Esantana73 Pineapple Express, BHO Shatter.
    2015-08-31 04:52:48 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~GG#4~ I'm wiped! G'night all! Sweet dreams!
    2015-08-31 04:41:42 UTC
    RedDodge Another golden joint... This time I've added Super Lemon Haze and Cherry AK-47...
    2015-08-31 03:36:23 UTC
    norcaldawg im smoking a sativa called willie nelson. i shoulda stopped 3 hits ago tho im getting a little paranoid
    2015-08-31 02:41:15 UTC
    MADD MAXX A joint of Chronic Thunderfuck. Cheers and passing to the left....
    2015-08-31 02:34:33 UTC
    Citizen Jane 100% pure Oxygen. Gets you high as shit!!!!!!!! Might blow yourself up making it though O_o
    2015-08-31 01:12:54 UTC
    The Mick Black Mamba Kush. I feel very relaxed now. Good night friends.
    2015-08-31 01:11:40 UTC
    530tokers seedy ass weed chem OG from earth choice or some shit
    2015-08-31 00:51:03 UTC
    Royota some tha honey badger and rilla extracts yumbolt
    2015-08-31 00:27:52 UTC
    Flashback Neil Young - Harvest Moon -
    2015-08-30 23:38:00 UTC
    sanbernardinoschemes smoking on some fire 5$ grams of some green goblin,dank rocks look like indoor shout out to the realiable guys909 .good genetics=good bud
    2015-08-30 23:28:06 UTC
    kizzy Sherbet Cookies, liked it so much I ordered some additional flavors,Gorilla Glue and GSC to join the party.Cheers everyone
    2015-08-30 22:21:27 UTC
    MADD MAXX One look at these Santa Fe Grandes and Jack was all smiles over a new burger promotion....
    2015-08-30 22:21:09 UTC
    kizzy Kangaroo Jack
    2015-08-30 22:18:49 UTC
    kizzy Man I'm feeling lucky, 2nd delivery service I tried in a row with fantastic meds
    2015-08-30 22:15:18 UTC
    obeyamost420 kushhhbabbyyy Botanical health geoup
    2015-08-30 21:54:56 UTC


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