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    Mars94 Killing True OG
    2014-04-18 23:24:01 UTC
    rekarb1 One Last picture...Enjoy the weekend, I have an ounce of this. I know I will be enjoying the weekend. WA State rocks.
    2014-04-18 22:53:42 UTC
    skunk22pw celebrating 10,000 hits with a video review
    2014-04-18 22:39:24 UTC
    ZenMasterKush charlie sheen ...🔥 WINNING!
    2014-04-18 22:31:42 UTC
    inrammarni yummy yummy Candyland
    2014-04-18 22:28:52 UTC
    rekarb1 Pineapple Diesel . Bud is Beautiful, Camera really sucks. Getting new Nikon soon.
    2014-04-18 22:19:24 UTC
    Nickee Dabbing on some PR GOJI Shatter and some ICE BOY Flowers. Damn Its A GOOD FRIDAY!!
    2014-04-18 22:11:08 UTC
    Pharoah12 LouieXIII and some Jupiter crumble on this good Friday !!!! all my stoners have a safe and happy easter !!!
    2014-04-18 21:56:06 UTC
    FrYdaY909 GOOD FRIDAY! I am doing edibles all the way. Just got some Peach Rings from Tops and couldn't be happier.... :D
    2014-04-18 21:12:38 UTC
    ɳʉɠɠʑʑ somango
    2014-04-18 20:59:24 UTC
    kizzy Mr Frosty for a late lunch, enjoying a fantastic Friday and a great start to a wonderful wax weekend. Stay high my friends
    2014-04-18 20:50:45 UTC
    rekarb1 Hmm which one to smoke? Decisions, decisions....Pineapple Diesel or 8-Ball Kush. Oh well, why not both. Both beautiful and work great.
    2014-04-18 20:40:10 UTC
    Citizen Jane Bossanova Haze budders. Yum!
    2014-04-18 20:30:19 UTC
    pacal420 Instadab sour king shatter
    2014-04-18 20:10:35 UTC
    dcc805 / just went cannibus care givers or my renewal 4622 Arlington ave in river side awesome dr very friendly staff I highly recamend
    2014-04-18 20:04:59 UTC
    pacal420 TGIF!!! devils cut OG 2 kick off this 420 weekend!!
    2014-04-18 19:50:04 UTC
    FattFang Some classic white widow....yesssssssss! Thanks Phytologie....skoal!
    2014-04-18 19:42:43 UTC
    Jesseringside7 just reggie cuz I'm not as rich as some of the fuckers in here. -.-'
    2014-04-18 19:37:04 UTC
    diane1013 Bomb @ in time ! Canoga park on saticoy and canoga. Jack herer
    2014-04-18 19:36:35 UTC
    diane1013 Bomb @ in time ! Canoga park on saticoy and canoga. Jack herer
    2014-04-18 19:36:33 UTC


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