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    What are you smoking?

    Deemakaveli Tahoe og and spaceghostpurpp
    2014-04-25 04:39:50 UTC
    JimmyAggro XXX OG!
    2014-04-25 04:21:27 UTC
    Tom Kolh Just got some God's Gift from L and S Deliveries NICE, NICE, NICE two hits
    2014-04-25 04:21:17 UTC
    nightadtr420 Some Girl Scout Cookies in my bowl. Stay lifted
    2014-04-25 04:20:19 UTC
    dannyduarte Cherry Pie? The best if the best! Def gotta try it I'm Going for seconds later!
    2014-04-25 03:41:50 UTC
    allenzack123 Got animals cookies right. Ive been only cookies this entire month now haha
    2014-04-25 03:38:53 UTC
    KuSHsMoKInG420 some larry og mix with some dream queen and skywalker og
    2014-04-25 03:36:13 UTC
    MADD MAXX Some Super Morning Star in the evening. Go figure........
    2014-04-25 03:34:59 UTC
    spicoli_in_sd J1 ... nice bud.
    2014-04-25 03:08:38 UTC
    She_a_stoner Smoken on some Dutch treat shout out to barberry coast!
    2014-04-25 03:06:45 UTC
    bgpapasmurf raspberry cough. sooooo faded.
    2014-04-25 03:06:40 UTC
    Pro2achristian Oceanside OG. Hi from the High Desert of Southern Ca!
    2014-04-25 02:54:22 UTC
    YodaSlut smo
    2014-04-25 02:19:26 UTC
    YodaSlut smo
    2014-04-25 02:19:22 UTC
    boyscout1 OMG Billy OG and true girl scout cookie are off the charts. Pacific Green Pharms is truly back and better. They have some selection!!!!
    2014-04-25 00:25:49 UTC
    Cosmos2001 Mmm, that Master Kush's some dopey stuff! I LOOOVE IT! Bowl contained Master Kush, & some Grape Ape. Great pain relief.
    2014-04-24 23:45:01 UTC
    FattFang Girl Scout Cookies complete the migraine headache counter-offensive!
    2014-04-24 23:29:52 UTC
    IzzyThaDude Some bomb Og
    2014-04-24 23:23:21 UTC
    ThaGranddaddyPurp Little Strawberry Diesel nugs about to head on out to the fair. Have a bomb azz night everyone
    2014-04-24 23:20:16 UTC
    SirNugAlot nice
    2014-04-24 23:16:07 UTC


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