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    What are you smoking?

    OneHighCat Get'n hi on the Blue Cookies... The suns comming up, and all the graveyard people are heading to bed... Two more days til the weekend...
    2014-04-24 15:06:55 UTC
    10101101 G-13 Haze and a cup of tea:)
    2014-04-24 13:50:32 UTC
    SweetBubba20 smoking on the breakfast Pineapple chunk so clean and tasty..
    2014-04-24 13:39:27 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Tahoe OG bong hits this morning... Waking slowly, baked real quickly! Stay uP Everyone!
    2014-04-24 12:58:14 UTC
    brianbown A little lemon kush, yum.
    2014-04-24 12:45:25 UTC
    BlndMJfun Starting first day off in forever with Presidential Kush, then moving onto PK shatter!! High all
    2014-04-24 11:27:45 UTC
    ibbigd420 Lady Thin Mint's just drooped me off at the Couchlock Inn... Think I might stay for a while... ;)
    2014-04-24 09:03:10 UTC
    Cosmos2001 Blueberry Kush most of the day. Nightcap bowls are a mix of mostly dopey Grape Ape, a little Blueberry Kush, and a little Kandy Kush.
    2014-04-24 08:04:50 UTC
    24/7Drummer Fire OG out the bubbler and not bong cuz im sick :( getting better fast tho!
    2014-04-24 07:20:07 UTC
    inrammarni Yoda Kush
    2014-04-24 07:16:00 UTC
    ibbigd420 Boss finally let me go. Now me and Lady Thin Mint are roll'n down I-420. About an hour away from a little town called couchlock... :)
    2014-04-24 07:15:42 UTC
    Imseeingthings Some of that good. Philly
    2014-04-24 06:29:15 UTC
    OBEAR Wow just had sum LA CHEESE it was delicious :-) Fire Fire Fire by some guy in Federal Way
    2014-04-24 05:15:26 UTC
    GodsFlesh Death rocket and ghost OG
    2014-04-24 05:08:41 UTC
    lisalyn0726 Girl Scout Cookies
    2014-04-24 05:05:19 UTC
    Lady Kush020 9 misc jars scraped for a few dabs (^.^) /"" """ """" have a good hump night st0ners
    2014-04-24 04:10:44 UTC
    Mars94 Little joint of some little OG, haha.
    2014-04-24 04:08:06 UTC
    FattFang Lavender Shatter with Hollywood OG from ReLeaf Alternatives...better than good and better than most!
    2014-04-24 04:03:08 UTC
    W3$TCOLA760 LiL Feet Og......LoL...Yeah!
    2014-04-24 03:46:50 UTC
    jimmy diamond My 4/20 on insta. jimmydiamond420 Ever seen Velvet Kush or Freddy Kruger Og? I missed Too Short & Kid Frost, but met Richard Eastman.
    2014-04-24 02:31:57 UTC


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