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    What are you smoking?

    DabbItCee hmmm about to go to @HHCPLUS take advantage of their concentrate deals >.
    2015-05-27 02:44:05 UTC
    noisyturtle Blueberry Pie x Fire Alien - some good shit. some real good shit.
    2015-05-27 02:22:27 UTC
    MADD MAXX Puffing some Desert Dream with an otherworldly friend.... Stay Lifted Peeps!
    2015-05-27 02:10:10 UTC
    antonioklingaman60 new indica fireeeee Blackwater :D
    2015-05-27 02:04:04 UTC
    missannie420 some GDP,a little Sour Diesel,and last but not least we add some Jet Fuel!
    2015-05-27 01:47:50 UTC
    kushmaster424 Private Reserve O.G.. Str8 Fire!
    2015-05-27 01:36:13 UTC
    pinktiger1963 Just got the blue moonshine and let me just say WOW!.I like looking at all the posts, you all take the guess work out of it.
    2015-05-27 01:17:11 UTC
    FattFang Candyland on a Terrific are you doing today? I'm doing Puff n Stuff, what about you...?
    2015-05-27 00:57:05 UTC
    Wake&BakeBlazer Ganja Gold Sherbert Tarantula!! The most Tasty n Dankest Joint on the planet. Thanks for making my day!!
    2015-05-26 23:59:34 UTC
    O.G.Snob The taste is great! Have a Stoney Night Everyone... :)
    2015-05-26 23:51:50 UTC
    BigTank75 flo
    2015-05-26 23:20:43 UTC
    gunther25 sour hydro hybrid
    2015-05-26 23:17:35 UTC
    CoeusPrime Finally back from doctor/speech pathologist...rough so pulling out the six-shooter with everything I have in it at once.
    2015-05-26 21:13:27 UTC
    Esantana73 LA Confidential Honeycomb Wax.
    2015-05-26 19:58:42 UTC
    FattFang Buds of an unknown origin-maybe Gelato #45, and leftover BBQ Chix, etc...
    2015-05-26 19:48:59 UTC
    Statick Joyman Rolling Joints SkyWalker And Moon Rocks. Wake And Bake.
    2015-05-26 19:15:36 UTC
    Statick Joyman 10 grams of moon rocks, Half ounce SkyWalker OG, 1 Gram Private Reserve Cranberry Bliss, 1 Gram Kief, Juicy Jay Banana.
    2015-05-26 19:14:25 UTC
    ressletr Still milking the 1g of Moby Dick crumble but today is reclaim day. :-(
    2015-05-26 18:52:46 UTC
    gunderdawg Hitting my Mighty Meds Original....bomb AF :p
    2015-05-26 18:01:42 UTC
    MR.MORRISON Some Blue Dream and coffee. Somewhat here and somewhat there. "Whoever controls the media controls the mind."
    2015-05-26 17:42:59 UTC


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