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    What are you smoking?

    Nickatnight RIP Chris Squire, you will be missed
    2015-06-29 22:59:37 UTC
    FattFang MedUSA puff n stuff on a beautiful afternoon. I'll have another puff just for me...
    2015-06-29 22:45:30 UTC
    Chain0fCommand smoking unknown homegrown and eating a blue kudu leaning like akickstand
    2015-06-29 22:28:17 UTC
    mrcruz23 Blue Cheese x King Louie OG raw j Dizzy Wright "Don't Ever Forget" feat Krayzie Bone
    2015-06-29 21:59:39 UTC
    CoeusPrime Sneaky snake slithering up with some more NYC Diesel...
    2015-06-29 21:56:29 UTC
    mmollzz They're back! And telling tall tales about the size of these Raskal OG nugs. One was in fact rather mighty. Happy Monday, friends! xo/m
    2015-06-29 21:29:27 UTC
    blazenfire420 some bomb blue berrie cookies yum yum
    2015-06-29 21:01:18 UTC
    Hawaiiandanny rollin' w/ JACK H. this afternoon.Thank you herbal wellness.keep dem budz gangster.
    2015-06-29 19:26:55 UTC
    CoeusPrime For D: my epic set: charger, buttonless battery, ad half gram of hybrid oil..
    2015-06-29 19:26:39 UTC
    MADD MAXX Some Pineapple Express to start my day. Thanks for the bud JanetPlanet....
    2015-06-29 18:42:00 UTC
    d-lynn on the menu today..
    2015-06-29 18:36:46 UTC
    mr420pdx nothing cause the guys at daily dose are closed...any one know any other good recreational shops that are not way too overpriced??
    2015-06-29 18:33:08 UTC
    CoeusPrime A very late good morning kids! My fuel for the day: NYC Diesel in the raw, as it were.
    2015-06-29 18:00:44 UTC
    kizzy And some Og Kush to finish, cheers everyone
    2015-06-29 17:48:06 UTC
    Nickatnight as Madd Maxx calls it, "La Cucaracha Kush" in the bong. Cheers!
    2015-06-29 17:45:50 UTC
    kizzy Stacked Kush dipped in Pineapple to start
    2015-06-29 17:45:10 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 Morning folks~~~ Lake Tahoe Day! (40 min from home) Puffin on some Red Thunder. Good Chit! Cheers!!!
    2015-06-29 16:31:02 UTC
    wildwood1313 A perfect way to start the day. A phat dab of sour d honey dank!
    2015-06-29 16:13:01 UTC
    The Mick O.G. shake bowl with Yuban. Have a fine day friends!
    2015-06-29 15:46:54 UTC
    d-lynn waking up with some jack herer x SSH.. happy monday!
    2015-06-29 15:32:19 UTC


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