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    OGqualityoverquantity Private Reserve OG & RAW Cones for tonight
    2014-04-16 04:10:51 UTC
    Catzlovetk Purple jack and blue diamond :3
    2014-04-16 03:49:59 UTC
    elchino OG
    2014-04-16 03:39:27 UTC
    ganjagodess And a bowl of chronic
    2014-04-16 02:30:34 UTC
    ganjagodess Snickers cupcake french toast for dinner? Yes we did!
    2014-04-16 02:27:37 UTC
    MADD MAXX A bowl of Royal Kush. I believe it came from Her Majesty's private stash.......
    2014-04-16 02:18:03 UTC
    jimmy diamond how did I not know downtown LA has a smokeshop district
    2014-04-16 02:07:22 UTC
    ZenMasterKush vortex + jack frost = Perfect Storm
    2014-04-16 01:52:11 UTC
    pacal420 instadab pinewalker shatter
    2014-04-16 01:13:04 UTC
    Lady Kush020 Cherry Wreck
    2014-04-16 01:04:16 UTC
    STARPURPLE6 Lavender. and some dab-a-pops. Lolli-pops with a dab each inside.
    2014-04-16 00:55:56 UTC
    WRB98002 Enjoying the Wappa and the Maui Waui from Pacific Green and Delivery!
    2014-04-16 00:50:43 UTC
    TJW2014 Loving the natural pain relief of the purple arrow from Pacific Green and Delivery.
    2014-04-16 00:39:49 UTC
    Bajaman Last of the Blackberry Kush at the moment :)
    2014-04-16 00:39:38 UTC
    rashy Blue Dream X Sour Diesel single solvent dewaxed shatter from Stay Gold Extracts.
    2014-04-16 00:24:14 UTC
    mercedezelise Clean green o.g.
    2014-04-16 00:21:54 UTC
    Kusha-T 727 OG from NNCC. Pure goodness
    2014-04-16 00:06:24 UTC
    SirNugAlot Golden Goat 25% THC lab tested
    2014-04-15 23:28:28 UTC
    ThaGranddaddyPurp Some of this stuff this beautiful Tuesday evening. Also the moon last night was Awesome
    2014-04-15 23:27:52 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Gucci OG and Dutch Treat wax / budda dabs... Yay 4:20! Cheers All!
    2014-04-15 23:21:11 UTC


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