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    What are you smoking?

    kizzy Pink Grapefruit dabs, night everyone
    2015-04-18 03:19:54 UTC
    smokiibears42o tahoe,gorilla glue,dog og :D ~ ~ ~
    2015-04-18 03:19:30 UTC
    MADD MAXX Hitting on some Death Star OG..... Keep Blazing Buddies!
    2015-04-18 03:05:05 UTC
    mtq710 Bruce banner#3
    2015-04-18 02:22:48 UTC
    CoeusPrime Happy Friday gang. Having a mellow night with Headband (with big dollops of hm bubblehash) and comic books.
    2015-04-18 02:06:55 UTC
    ViceZA Trying to Gather all the Planet OG's before monday comes around. I've gotten Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.
    2015-04-18 02:05:06 UTC
    Jordy1995 dabing and watching godzilla = tripping :)
    2015-04-18 01:19:10 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Antimatter in a little Mayhem! Peace peeps!
    2015-04-18 01:07:02 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD A little Antimatter! Yay Friday! Cheers Mappers!!!
    2015-04-18 00:44:57 UTC
    Flashback Steeldrivers - "Where Rainbows Never Die" -
    2015-04-18 00:22:06 UTC
    Flashback Antimatter at 3 1/2 weeks intro bloom. Cheers!
    2015-04-17 23:56:09 UTC
    CoeusPrime Workday done, results of my efforts: CP's Mostly Clean gear collection. Now time for some serious QA testing with some Sweet Tooth.
    2015-04-17 23:09:59 UTC
    2015-04-17 23:01:08 UTC
    dave stump Top shelf mmj,hash oil, greenhouse, concentrated, grade A++,available!! (919)-391-2174 confirm goodies before i get the cash
    2015-04-17 22:36:00 UTC
    BlndMJfun Working on a bowl of "The Sherriff" with dabs of Hawaaian secret agent. Happy Friday mappers. Hope you are enjoying a pain-free Friday
    2015-04-17 22:11:33 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey gang! The real reason it takes me so long to clean my I keep finding Headband in my bowls...
    2015-04-17 21:47:17 UTC
    StonermanDan GorillaGlue and GorillaGlue Shatter Who is Going Who else Been on Rosin? Stole my wifes flat iron ta get Stoned
    2015-04-17 21:31:14 UTC
    MADD MAXX Creating billowing indoor clouds from a nug of Pink Lemonade. A fine and medicated Friday to all....
    2015-04-17 21:16:41 UTC
    Datpurplestufff Just got up some XXX OG from Tops in Costa Mesa. Reminds me of the good ol Kush strains from back in the day. Hard to come by these days.
    2015-04-17 20:58:29 UTC
    maan' God's Gift w/kief and eating cold oranges. :-)
    2015-04-17 19:39:45 UTC


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