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    What are you smoking?

    FattFang Boonana and coffee for a great Friday morning! Oh yeah...!
    2015-05-22 16:41:21 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning kids! Breaktime in the grow room, lets see whats on the Magic Flight Box today: HG GSC! Just sampling for QA purposes..
    2015-05-22 16:39:47 UTC
    Papa Bones Crippler x OG Kush - Biz Meeting w/ Mickey Cartel and Nino Coke at Noon.. (Godfather Theme playing..)
    2015-05-22 16:37:45 UTC
    kingEDWARDtheGREAT some bomb Girl Scout Cookie shatter. .. and some Khalifa Kush..dank!
    2015-05-22 16:13:01 UTC
    Mars94 My cousin came through yesterday with Phantom OG and some beers. Hadn't seen him in a while. Cheers!
    2015-05-22 16:07:11 UTC
    WeedMapsIsShit How the fuck do i check times without having to click on each one and why are clubs selling bud for 20g. Not even costing half that to grow.
    2015-05-22 15:27:54 UTC
    janetplanet Soco Cookies and Banana OG Kush Shatter with N@N who wants to have breakfast with me?! lol
    2015-05-22 15:20:49 UTC
    Alonzo1990 blue durban poison
    2015-05-22 15:20:18 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD TGIF Mappers ~ Good Morning =-) Coffee & Cannabis to start my day! (Super Platinum OG this A.M.)
    2015-05-22 15:11:22 UTC
    bobaloo A little black hash to wake up, waffles and strawberries to cheer up, N@N coffee to wash it all down...Yeah, buddy!!! Happy Friday!!!
    2015-05-22 14:31:30 UTC
    mmollzz Morning friends! J of Dour (Sativa Dom Durban Poison x Sour D Yum!) and N@N coffee brewed thick as a brick for liftoff.
    2015-05-22 13:45:56 UTC
    RaynMan206 A phat BT(bong toke) before work! Happy Memorial Day mappers, stay stoned!
    2015-05-22 13:02:53 UTC
    BlndMJfun Presidential Kush on this Fine Friday morning... sick of the rain though!!! Ready for some sunshine... Have a great day y'all
    2015-05-22 12:49:04 UTC
    kizzy And some more Northern Lights x Skunk #1 dabs and a walk. Cheers everyone
    2015-05-22 12:39:46 UTC
    kizzy Grape Ape dabs
    2015-05-22 12:38:10 UTC
    Justin SanDiego Platinum Bubba Kush flower with Cerebral OG Kush shatter on top.
    2015-05-22 08:08:07 UTC
    mrcruz23 Blue Cheese (pic is my friends plant) Dizzy Wright "Marijuana (3 days in LA)"
    2015-05-22 08:06:42 UTC
    Willhelm NUG-RUN Trainwreck x Northern Lights sap/butter/oil 10 g MZ12x made terpy and tasty
    2015-05-22 07:37:19 UTC
    Stoned_Hefna510 XJ13
    2015-05-22 06:09:15 UTC
    sr84 Louis V
    2015-05-22 05:39:06 UTC


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