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    ESPotheadLakerGirl Kickin off my 4/20 Fucking Amazing OG & King Louie Happy 4/20 my fellow pot heads....may roll up some Banana Kush for fun of it
    2014-04-20 05:43:53 UTC
    Johnnathon83 This goodness
    2014-04-20 05:42:18 UTC
    Johnnathon83 My 4/20 meds it's just me so this is kool 1/8 of 4diffrent budz a gram of blue light shatter and ,5 of true og krumble
    2014-04-20 05:41:30 UTC
    Katybug Bout to kick off 420 with a shake-vape at midnight.
    2014-04-20 05:28:56 UTC
    Katybug Sampler pack night. Right now, we're on black diamond. After Louis XIV, and after xj- 13....
    2014-04-20 05:28:05 UTC
    fatman1 Fatboy OG crumble
    2014-04-20 05:22:42 UTC
    PTAR Bubba
    2014-04-20 05:19:30 UTC
    barbonybuchon1922 otro toke de Godfather Og y Pr lil Dragon!con la botella de 18 Buchanan's!!! listo pa tijuas
    2014-04-20 04:57:18 UTC
    Johnnathon83 At the clinc near you
    2014-04-20 04:46:50 UTC
    Albertlokk Where that king louie at
    2014-04-20 04:45:33 UTC
    UltraHigh Platinum cookies to my stoner song #FLIGHTMARYJANE3 also available on iTunes
    2014-04-20 04:45:01 UTC
    RaynMan206 Steady dabbin' #heavilymedicated
    2014-04-20 04:19:45 UTC
    MADD MAXX A paper chillum packed with Blackberry Kush, XXX keif, and full melt hash. Gonna be stoned like a biblical whore......
    2014-04-20 03:56:16 UTC
    dubt903 where's the best 420 deal N L.A.?
    2014-04-20 03:54:24 UTC
    dubt903 where's the best 420 deal N L.A.?
    2014-04-20 03:54:21 UTC
    dubt903 where's the best 420 deal N L.A.?
    2014-04-20 03:54:13 UTC
    FattFang 420 training is now in effect--GSC's, Platinum OG, Cashmere Kush, and Octopus Kush....anyone of these will do it! Yessssssss!
    2014-04-20 03:50:15 UTC
    kizzy Chemdawg dabs to start off the evening
    2014-04-20 03:29:57 UTC
    Stylez954 Hey can anyone help me out I just moved from California is there any way I can still get this good stuff in Florida
    2014-04-20 03:04:30 UTC
    INVAZION Platinum Bubba Kush J's and GSC bowls. Happy 420 Eve!!
    2014-04-20 02:55:59 UTC


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