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    What are you smoking?

    KingLeonides ...working on that Haze OG...
    2015-04-27 05:32:38 UTC
    Citizen Jane Gorilla Glue, shoulda bought more.
    2015-04-27 04:16:15 UTC
    SoCalRager6 what happened to the weedmap videos and the weedfreebies?... been awhile
    2015-04-27 04:13:30 UTC
    SoCalRager6 j1 flight
    2015-04-27 04:10:14 UTC
    MADD MAXX Taking my time blazin' a bowl of Banana Kush. The pic is recycled, the bud is not. Cheers All!
    2015-04-27 03:58:04 UTC
    MR.MORRISON HeadBand with a layer of hash and kief and Sweet tooth and hash. :)
    2015-04-27 03:56:10 UTC
    sapperTHING SFV OG
    2015-04-27 03:44:25 UTC
    jimmyy420.62 Blizzard (Platinum G.S.C.'s X The White), Cherry Pie.....cheers everybody.....:)
    2015-04-27 03:18:21 UTC
    jimmy diamond We need a way to measure our titration rate of cannabinoids in our system at any given moment.
    2015-04-27 03:09:36 UTC
    jimmy diamond Just saw the lil wayne vid. Omg thats a worse idea than berner was
    2015-04-27 03:01:01 UTC
    CoeusPrime Grabbin dinner and the final Naruto movie, wishing Walking Dead was still on. Takin the Fat Girl to bed.
    2015-04-27 00:47:37 UTC
    Danadee Tahoe OG
    2015-04-27 00:42:25 UTC
    yohdavelee Mango Haze
    2015-04-27 00:17:31 UTC I love ur shop u have great deals and im always satisfied
    2015-04-27 00:16:07 UTC
    MADD MAXX Hitting a phat joint of Querkle. Puff, Puff, Pass....
    2015-04-27 00:04:01 UTC
    BloodShotEyeZ66 Cookies&Cream
    2015-04-26 23:59:35 UTC
    sincitythc OG shatter!
    2015-04-26 23:57:22 UTC
    Esantana73 Bubble Gum Dream Honeycomb Crumble Wax.
    2015-04-26 22:39:18 UTC
    Esantana73 :)
    2015-04-26 22:38:02 UTC
    DrRickMarshall Killed the Cherry AK-47
    2015-04-26 22:27:53 UTC


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