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    What are you smoking?

    Citizen Jane Some Strawberry Cookiez wax in the vape pen. Tastes great, less filling! :)
    2015-04-26 01:11:50 UTC
    Mars94 Oh yeah and look what came in the mail, haha. Okay I'll stop posting now.
    2015-04-26 01:09:39 UTC
    Mars94 Aaaaand a little Purple Alien pineapple white owl rolled. Putting the flame to it now. More heart racing commentary to follow.
    2015-04-26 01:06:11 UTC
    Mars94 Rolling a little Purple Alien in a pineapple white owl.
    2015-04-26 00:57:47 UTC
    KrayzieDreams76 Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow, and Og Kush, Stoned XD
    2015-04-26 00:43:22 UTC
    Mars94 Purple Alien from Beach Center. Purple Kush and Alien Kush. Stay lifted!
    2015-04-26 00:22:40 UTC
    Lina_Rosa Animal OG I negotiated down in price :) Cuz this lady knows what properly stored + cured meds look like AND will call a mofo OUT on it! Lol
    2015-04-26 00:19:29 UTC
    Mars94 Just got Purple Alien, my brother got Diego OG. Pics when I get home!
    2015-04-26 00:05:41 UTC
    finest18 some good flower kosher kush and some blue cheese
    2015-04-25 23:46:17 UTC
    AshDaBashLala Holy Grail king sized! A dab of Tangie Kosher! This patient is feelling no pain!! Thanks guys!! Happy Saturday!!
    2015-04-25 23:43:19 UTC
    DeepSpace Working on a J of Blue Dream before dinner.......
    2015-04-25 23:41:47 UTC
    FattFang Golden Goat and Caviar Gold with TV...Evening to all weedsters
    2015-04-25 23:41:30 UTC
    Nickatnight A bowl of Cosmic Debris in " A Lil' Mayhem " steamroller. Cheers!
    2015-04-25 23:37:24 UTC
    Lina_Rosa Hood dispensaries be like "Our Private Stock Selection" ;) Lmao!!!!!! #gtfo
    2015-04-25 22:46:29 UTC
    Dre_Rootz Pegasus
    2015-04-25 22:00:12 UTC
    Dre_Rootz Pegasus
    2015-04-25 21:59:10 UTC
    Ohh_gordaa 3 Blunt of Blue Dream ????
    2015-04-25 21:08:05 UTC
    mrcruz23 couple bowls of Gorilla Glue #4 to start today in this sad weather...
    2015-04-25 20:55:14 UTC
    Lil Bit Psycho Paris O.G. Niiiiiiice!
    2015-04-25 20:50:48 UTC
    christianculkins16 call/text: (408) 419-9480 Donations is allowed..
    2015-04-25 20:27:19 UTC


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