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    What are you smoking?

    SirNugAlot Picked up an 1/8 of Deadhead OG and a gram of Chemdawg 4 x Purple OG 18 nug run shatter. Pics later Cheers Yo
    2015-03-28 18:33:26 UTC
    Justin SanDiego Cherry AK-47 flower with Fire Berry OG Kush Ice Water hash on top.
    2015-03-28 17:55:05 UTC
    FattFang MedUSA to reduce the amount of post-surgery Oxycodone & morphine...oh my
    2015-03-28 17:14:13 UTC
    CoeusPrime My new favorite sport to watch: Zombie Boxing! Now where is Daryl when we need him most? The thrills are cheap today sports fans..
    2015-03-28 16:48:08 UTC
    Nickatnight Hittin' the last of the Rosebud concentrate using my Star Wars Light Saber vapor pen. Cheers!
    2015-03-28 16:10:41 UTC
    RaynMan206 Did somebody say Happy Shatterday?
    2015-03-28 15:48:37 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Annihilator x GSC to get me going today! Happy Shatterday Folks! =-) ... Dabs!
    2015-03-28 15:38:07 UTC
    bobaloo A little Ogre Kush to start off my day... Have a great day, mappers!!! And Flashback, hope you're okay, bud, long time no hear... :(
    2015-03-28 15:29:20 UTC
    janetplanet Not a good day is busy. Just smoking a roach for now. Morning All!
    2015-03-28 14:52:49 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning kids! Busy morning many chainsaws in the air at once. Hitting the usual suspects for breakfast. I warned you guys this could happen.
    2015-03-28 14:53:17 UTC
    EastBayRay Blueberry Kush and hash. God bless America.
    2015-03-28 14:22:43 UTC
    CoeusPrime MOr
    2015-03-28 14:14:28 UTC
    Nickatnight A roach joint this morning, it's kicking my but. The new crop will be here soon :) Cheers!
    2015-03-28 13:38:42 UTC
    Gimpdbk master og
    2015-03-28 12:49:07 UTC
    BlndMJfun Starting this ShatterDay with Hawaiian secret agent dabs and a bowl of Green Crack & Tigers Milk. Happy ShatterDay mappers.
    2015-03-28 10:41:28 UTC
    mrcruz23 Kush! lovin it got me sleepy af!
    2015-03-28 08:49:45 UTC
    MADD MAXX Best wishes for a medicated morning to the Breakfast Club!
    2015-03-28 07:31:52 UTC
    lWHERESMYCARl wax castle cherry pie shatter! not bad but the gold drop cherry ak is some fire actually able to relax,
    2015-03-28 06:13:18 UTC
    alex902 not smoking cus weed maps is down
    2015-03-28 04:31:58 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD GSC x Annihilator combo dabs... GSC joint chaser! Then TV.. Then Tomorrow! Cheers Mappers!
    2015-03-28 03:56:36 UTC


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