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    What are you smoking?

    Flashback Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner ( Live at Woodstock 1969 ) -
    2015-07-04 14:57:42 UTC
    Nickatnight A look at the HashDaddyHaze, waste high by the 4th of July... having another bowl of roaches and playing guess the roach. :)
    2015-07-04 14:53:13 UTC
    janetplanet Happy 4th of July!!! Tahoe Kush gifted from Madd Maxx, thank you... Hangin' with my dogs today!
    2015-07-04 14:44:04 UTC
    norcaldawg Tangie from Alpha Medic
    2015-07-04 14:02:39 UTC
    lizard17 dipping in my babes personal wax. sticky fingers of lol
    2015-07-04 13:58:18 UTC
    Flashback Good morning. Homegrown Ghost OG in the bowl. Grilling burgers and sweet corn this afternoon. Have a great 4th people!
    2015-07-04 13:53:05 UTC
    Nickatnight Coffee and a bowl on the patio this morning, perfect day here, going to the parade shortly. Party like there's no tomorrow! Cheers!!
    2015-07-04 13:52:15 UTC
    kizzy Lemon Berry (Lemon Thai x Blueberry). The Blueberry taste overwhelms the Lemon but still a nice tasty treat. Cheers
    2015-07-04 13:39:41 UTC
    kizzy Deathstar crumble and a walk, happy 4th mappers
    2015-07-04 12:24:32 UTC
    boaster420 140mg. chew, 300mg. candy bar, smoking a mix of strains, vaping MED-USA. Happy Fourth of July.
    2015-07-04 12:23:13 UTC
    CoeusPrime Happy Fourth Mappers! Wakin n Baking with some GSC in the steamer!
    2015-07-04 12:19:31 UTC
    Cosmos2001 That, along with the banana kush, and full melt bong rip; has me nice, and dopey early on the 4th ;)
    2015-07-04 10:45:51 UTC
    Cosmos2001 MMM! mmmm, MM! Dabbed on some Cherry AK47 solventless from Gold Drop, & Skywalker shatter dipped in cherry pie, and purple candy wax.
    2015-07-04 10:39:49 UTC
    Cosmos2001 Late night session ;) Dabs, and a bowl of some tasty banana kush, topped with full melt. Cheers, and happy 4th my fellow insomniacs.
    2015-07-04 10:27:53 UTC
    dee23 rick simpson moonrock:)
    2015-07-04 07:17:35 UTC
    WhatIsDrugs GSC!!
    2015-07-04 06:45:26 UTC
    Surto Double Dream hash
    2015-07-04 04:20:56 UTC
    MADD MAXX A Happy 4th To All! Puffing a fat one of Tahoe OG....
    2015-07-04 02:30:36 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey Everyone! Happy 4th weekend from Las Vegas Nevada...just sparkin up the bowl (special NYC Diesel bud been saving) as well as the grill.
    2015-07-04 01:34:22 UTC
    fae1211` Acapulco gold honey oil
    2015-07-04 00:00:21 UTC


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