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    What are you smoking?

    FattFang Obama OG and King Kong Waxx after some cannabis gardening work...first coffee, toast, sausage and eggs
    2015-07-06 16:30:42 UTC
    Fourtwencookies Scooped up some fire $100 OG from Apothecary 420
    2015-07-06 16:26:37 UTC
    d-lynn a j left untouched from last night, love when this happens! hope everyone had a safe weekend!
    2015-07-06 15:47:41 UTC
    DoofyToker Have a good day all
    2015-07-06 15:38:43 UTC
    DoofyToker scared all the tourist had lots of fun. Did I mention the haunted Mansion?? LOL...Thanks guys!
    2015-07-06 15:30:44 UTC
    DoofyToker Woke up the next morning thinking that I was a Pirate of the Carrabean,
    2015-07-06 15:30:12 UTC
    DoofyToker thought I was on Gilligan's Island and spent the night in one of the caves.
    2015-07-06 15:29:47 UTC
    DoofyToker ended up going to Disneyland and got high on Tom Sawyer Island,
    2015-07-06 15:29:25 UTC
    DoofyToker Went through the drive through and couldn't stop laughing at the order speaker,
    2015-07-06 15:29:09 UTC
    DoofyToker Doofy’s - Hubba Bubba (personal) I went to Burger King and they wouldn't give me a hat!
    2015-07-06 15:28:58 UTC
    Israfel rainbow sherbet
    2015-07-06 13:59:50 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning kids! A little GSC/NYC Diesel salad out of the Brown Bomber before walking Jiriaya
    2015-07-06 13:06:16 UTC
    kizzy Wake n bake with some GG#4, cheers
    2015-07-06 11:50:20 UTC
    PipeDream Productions FIREHOUSE-Sat. (Goddess Delivers) in my Pax 2.0. Nice lift, slight fire. Good inflammation reduction. Relaxed but not sleepy.
    2015-07-06 09:30:40 UTC
    2015-07-06 08:51:33 UTC
    2015-07-06 08:51:31 UTC
    boaster420 140mg.THC chew, 300mg.THC candy bar, smoking Ingrid, vaping MED-USA shatter.
    2015-07-06 08:16:00 UTC
    Justin SanDiego Better picture of HGH/MissNugRun's "Miss Miss Louie-V OG Kush" shatter from - RNR Deliveries -SD
    2015-07-06 08:06:48 UTC
    Justin SanDiego A couple of slabs of HGH/MissNugRun's "Miss Louie-V OG Kush" shatter from RNR Deliveries-SD
    2015-07-06 08:05:07 UTC
    MrOceanGrown fat Dabs of Lake Show OG by Kush Extracts from the Best Dispensary in North County Modern Medicine.
    2015-07-06 04:45:37 UTC


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