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    What are you smoking?

    DrRickMarshall Killed the Cherry AK-47
    2015-04-26 22:27:53 UTC
    Lil Bit Psycho Super Blue Dream! Tasty Sativa Nuggs!
    2015-04-26 22:04:07 UTC
    CoeusPrime F.O. Mode Achieved! Steamers of Sweet Tooth and hash mean I am in my star-cruiser, on my way...
    2015-04-26 21:58:31 UTC
    glasstomay Top shelve hardcore many to choose from:)
    2015-04-26 21:34:55 UTC
    killakalykal super jack, the best sativa i ever had ??????
    2015-04-26 21:18:10 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hits of Headband in the mini-blunt, getting work done. Soon, massive F-ing Off in store.
    2015-04-26 21:01:07 UTC
    mrcruz23 last couple bowls of Purple Pussy Kush....cheers yall
    2015-04-26 20:05:22 UTC
    sarasmile711 jack herer
    2015-04-26 19:18:00 UTC
    SirNugAlot Wake n Bake with Nug Run Shatter. Cheers!!!
    2015-04-26 17:45:47 UTC
    DrRickMarshall The last of my Super Sour Haze. Buds were a bit wispy, but the taste and aroma were amazing!
    2015-04-26 17:23:11 UTC
    pbfinch4 Private reserve O.G. rosin I made last night and some gandma's cookies.
    2015-04-26 16:56:38 UTC
    MR.MORRISON A 50/50 blend of Sweet Tooth and HeadBand,coffee and wondering why I lost 2 hours on the movie "BirdMan" last night. Ugghhh.
    2015-04-26 16:40:47 UTC
    Flashback Homegrown Ghost OG and Skywalker bubble hash. Do you think the neighbors will notice the Antimatter plants on my back patio?
    2015-04-26 16:07:55 UTC
    janetplanet Hard to move today after partying yesterday. lol Need the Mayhem steam roller (thanks to Madd Maxx) packing Soco Cookies this morning...
    2015-04-26 16:02:24 UTC
    FattFang A puff of Candyland before breakfast. Morning all
    2015-04-26 16:01:01 UTC
    Muischolism Candyland killed. Great wake and bake!
    2015-04-26 15:35:31 UTC
    Mars94 Purple Alien killed. Morning budds!
    2015-04-26 15:03:48 UTC
    Flashback Hash Church XXXI - Starts at 9:00 AM PDT -
    2015-04-26 14:56:47 UTC
    Smokingramz dwill BLUEDREAM
    2015-04-26 13:44:58 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey Mappers! Look who and what *I* rescued for Wake n Bake! Just more of that digital Headband....greets to Molz! Great to see ya!
    2015-04-26 12:56:19 UTC


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