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    What are you smoking?

    Kfresh626 Smokin on dat Marz OG, an some OG butter wax out of my trippy
    2014-04-20 08:08:48 UTC
    Sucio92 Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland
    2014-04-20 07:54:44 UTC
    ibbigd420 The Plat. Cookies... Just put me on flight 420... Putting my seat back now... I do believe we have lift off baby... :)
    2014-04-20 07:42:37 UTC
    AnubisCO Sour D!! Review of it up on the noobtoob now! youtube . com/cannabisreview!
    2014-04-20 07:35:23 UTC
    trippymaster420 the cookies :)
    2014-04-20 07:19:55 UTC
    2014-04-20 07:19:37 UTC
    StonerChick504 SOur Og Kush And White Widow..! #Stoned#GoodNight#HAppy420
    2014-04-20 06:55:40 UTC
    Hippielove73 Gorilla glue got me stuck :) feeling well medicated :)
    2014-04-20 06:32:07 UTC
    MADD MAXX All that's left is to close 'em up and forget where I hid them...... HAPPY 420 EASTER !!!!!
    2014-04-20 06:16:34 UTC
    Secret Shopper 5280 HAPPY 4/20 DENVER Smoking on some Dj Short Flo, Kong, & some Cantaloupe Indica! Have a safe rest of your weekend guys!
    2014-04-20 06:01:09 UTC
    Jojoes420x Bubba hash ,pink Cadillac wax and skywalker og of herb 3 layer joint!~~~~~~~
    2014-04-20 05:58:37 UTC
    HARSHMARSH Lemon Kush
    2014-04-20 05:57:19 UTC
    ganjagodess A healthy spliff with my MrSensi.
    2014-04-20 05:55:51 UTC
    ESPotheadLakerGirl Kickin off my 4/20 Fucking Amazing OG & King Louie Happy 4/20 my fellow pot heads....may roll up some Banana Kush for fun of it
    2014-04-20 05:43:53 UTC
    Johnnathon83 This goodness
    2014-04-20 05:42:18 UTC
    Johnnathon83 My 4/20 meds it's just me so this is kool 1/8 of 4diffrent budz a gram of blue light shatter and ,5 of true og krumble
    2014-04-20 05:41:30 UTC
    Katybug Bout to kick off 420 with a shake-vape at midnight.
    2014-04-20 05:28:56 UTC
    Katybug Sampler pack night. Right now, we're on black diamond. After Louis XIV, and after xj- 13....
    2014-04-20 05:28:05 UTC
    fatman1 Fatboy OG crumble
    2014-04-20 05:22:42 UTC
    PTAR Bubba
    2014-04-20 05:19:30 UTC


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