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    Flashback Afternoon ladies and gents, boys and girls. We will be eating at 4:00 - Italian sausage, potato salad, burgers,, sweet corn, Cheers!
    2015-05-25 19:22:09 UTC
    Cannablitz Bruce Banner
    2015-05-25 19:08:27 UTC
    Hurricanekatrina strawberry cough before the shower to wake me up.
    2015-05-25 19:01:45 UTC
    Sticky Icky Icky Charlie Sheen OG for the troops!
    2015-05-25 19:00:01 UTC
    hazendaaz technique For those who sacrificed all
    2015-05-25 18:45:08 UTC
    MADD MAXX A mug of N@N Coffee and a bowl of Grape Krush....
    2015-05-25 18:42:38 UTC
    Sticky Icky Icky Rainbow Road Shatter. Straight awesomeness.
    2015-05-25 18:40:40 UTC
    hazendaaz technique CBD glycerin black coffee and the best ORGANIC CHEMDAWD.
    2015-05-25 18:05:21 UTC
    CoeusPrime Mojos, Exorcists, Critical Sensi Stars and NYC Diesel (monster crop) clones all fighting for strain-supremacy..
    2015-05-25 17:53:15 UTC
    Mars94 White Fuel OG. It's ok, but not the feeling I look for.
    2015-05-25 16:41:45 UTC
    fadededdie bowls of mega og and some king kush TR dabs:)
    2015-05-25 16:21:25 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 running outta butane...gotta make a smoke shop run, and dispensary run, and a beer run, and some tacos.......
    2015-05-25 15:32:26 UTC
    EastBayRay Just toasted a bowl of Blueberry Kush with a little GSC crumble on top. aw yee.
    2015-05-25 15:24:34 UTC
    Flashback Jimmy Buffett (Wasted Away In Baghdad) -
    2015-05-25 15:14:26 UTC
    Mars94 Happy Memorial Day to all.
    2015-05-25 14:48:15 UTC
    CoeusPrime Takin' a chores break with some Fog Chaser and fat bowls of salad...
    2015-05-25 14:47:45 UTC
    ressletr Some Moby Dick crumble.
    2015-05-25 14:38:25 UTC
    Flashback Toby Keith LIVE, I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again AFGHANISTAN -
    2015-05-25 14:24:42 UTC
    Flashback Hayes Carll "KMAG YOYO" -
    2015-05-25 14:11:25 UTC
    Flashback Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day -
    2015-05-25 13:57:59 UTC


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