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    Mars94 Buzzed and sleepy. The spaghetti from earlier, all gone now (it's in there under the cheese somewhere). Goodnight friends.
    2014-04-19 07:08:20 UTC
    Citizen Jane Welcome to Denver Cannabis Cup peoples! Remember not to toke and drive !
    2014-04-19 07:07:27 UTC
    420vacationindenver710 top shelf extracts thanks to caregivers for life awesome atmosphere great prices products and selections
    2014-04-19 06:44:31 UTC
    skunk22pw Deadhead OG bed time got's lot's to do tomorrow
    2014-04-19 06:35:51 UTC
    pkr8ch Purple sweet tooth. And it smells sweet too (not cured enough) :-/ All I wanted for Easter/420 is some good tastey bud. Uhg!
    2014-04-19 06:28:18 UTC
    Esantana73 :)/"""" "" " " "
    2014-04-19 06:05:06 UTC
    StonedcoldHarris Godfather OG
    2014-04-19 05:40:21 UTC
    NothingButOG Disneyland og crumble, king kush crumble, diablo og shatter slathered on blunt filled woth molly og. Its poison in every hit.
    2014-04-19 05:38:11 UTC
    2014-04-19 05:22:21 UTC
    ZenMasterKush vortex OG, before watching Haunted House 2
    2014-04-19 05:07:13 UTC
    daripper Lavender...I love it!
    2014-04-19 05:04:34 UTC
    MADD MAXX Celebrating the good news about HCG with some Pineapple Diesel in a classic bowl......
    2014-04-19 04:49:30 UTC
    MADD MAXX Huzzah peeps. HCG is out of the hospital and on the mend. Here's a black 'n white of us........
    2014-04-19 04:05:15 UTC
    Johnnathon83 Mars you about to have a Good Friday stay high g remember don't drink and drove get high and fly lol o ya that beer fire good choice
    2014-04-19 03:33:35 UTC
    Mars94 Kush and spaghetti night! Oh yeah, anf beer!
    2014-04-19 03:30:08 UTC
    Johnnathon83 Smokin on this durban
    2014-04-19 03:26:21 UTC
    skunk22pw Dang I was out for 3 &1/2 hours thanks to DankKaps and I only took one.
    2014-04-19 02:55:49 UTC
    nebula27 supernova crumble!
    2014-04-19 02:45:53 UTC
    barbonybuchon1922 fat bleezy of PR Godfather OG!y Pr Lil Dragon!!! lumbre good looking Slpha Meds
    2014-04-19 02:31:24 UTC
    Master Yip OG Kush
    2014-04-19 02:10:12 UTC


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