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    What are you smoking?

    Lestat0311 Vader Extracts- King Louie. Best wax I have tried so far.
    2015-08-02 03:54:04 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~Cheezy cookie~ INCREDIBLE!
    2015-08-02 03:28:40 UTC
    DeepSpace Chilling after a J of Harlesin (Harlequin X AC/DC) - some nice, relaxing meds....
    2015-08-02 03:22:13 UTC
    MisterMORRISON Finishing a salad. Wondering where to donate toward in LV anymore? They are all beyond $$$$. Delivery sucks.
    2015-08-02 02:36:46 UTC
    Flashback Neil Young - Roll another number (for the road) -
    2015-08-02 01:41:55 UTC
    LuvDaNugs Time TO Kick it Up DaB Style. Shatter True OG NR - Too phat a deal to pass on. 3x99 4x125 - A Friend Indeed [SD] TY - AFI
    2015-08-02 01:38:46 UTC
    Flashback Homegrown Ghost OG and Blue Dream bubble hash. Cheers folks!
    2015-08-02 00:28:33 UTC
    S.latise Some Black Caviar
    2015-08-01 23:50:45 UTC
    pushahippy stayhigh ! on gang follow me on twitter an see all exculsives- @pushahippy
    2015-08-01 23:36:02 UTC
    The Mick Master Kush. Trout went fishing. Go Doyers!
    2015-08-01 23:11:41 UTC
    martinezsandra57 I tried OGBAND awesome aroma and flavor it was great.. always great service from these folks thanks..
    2015-08-01 23:11:05 UTC
    Nickatnight smokin' the HashDaddyHaze for the first time, incredible aroma and flavor, like sweet hazy hash. :))
    2015-08-01 22:55:35 UTC
    FattFang Blue Fire Cookies for afternoon medicine...baked drumsticks and salad for dinner...a real good day
    2015-08-01 22:49:30 UTC
    Master Stillness Tahoe OG. Watching Silicon Valley
    2015-08-01 22:34:57 UTC
    base.hung/tuff northern lights #5
    2015-08-01 22:23:53 UTC
    Nickatnight a little Green Crack to start this evening off right.
    2015-08-01 22:19:46 UTC
    Rbarn007 key lime pie
    2015-08-01 22:04:52 UTC
    hippielife4ever blue dream and purple lemon haze is the sweet poison for the day (;
    2015-08-01 21:42:40 UTC
    mrcruz23 Charlie Sheen OG bleezy! hot boxing with the homies....cheers!
    2015-08-01 20:58:54 UTC
    The Mick Hulk O.G. with a cup of Kona Coffee. Go Doyers!
    2015-08-01 20:52:39 UTC


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