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    What are you smoking?

    mjg2042 WaKE & bAkE, folks!!! Smoking on that Blackberry Wax. Peace be da journey.
    2015-02-28 14:52:18 UTC
    mrcruz23 Nipsey Hussle OG x OG Kief raw joint
    2015-02-28 09:36:45 UTC
    CoeusPrime Scissor hash on Afghani...I see WM is at its technical best again...
    2015-02-28 08:26:51 UTC
    mmollzz Some lovely Mr Nice. Hi everyone hope you're great. Can't see a thing. Weedmaps glitching. XO / M
    2015-02-28 05:58:23 UTC
    johnnyg234 Superman OG!
    2015-02-28 04:00:29 UTC
    Crysblu5 Louis XIII OG
    2015-02-28 00:56:38 UTC
    thejuju strawberry
    2015-02-28 00:32:44 UTC
    MysticalGnome vampire 20w mod and a kangertech subtasks nanotechnology antmizor
    2015-02-28 00:00:50 UTC
    MysticalGnome vampire 20w mod and a kangertech subtasks nanotechnology antmizor
    2015-02-28 00:00:32 UTC
    MADD MAXX Experts say more fruit so my afternoon snack is some Banana Kush. Stay warm and don't go out unless necessary....
    2015-02-27 23:11:28 UTC
    barbonybuchon1922 DABN SUM ALPHA SHATTER!! KILL
    2015-02-27 22:41:50 UTC
    BlndMJfun blazing some HG maui waui and purchased chem4 with dabs of prezzy goat stomper chased by cold beer. TGIF right? :)
    2015-02-27 22:35:23 UTC
    Chain0fCommand wuddup my peeps. dabbing on chernobyl. feeling crunk. FUCK YOU!
    2015-02-27 22:30:51 UTC
    BlazingBeast420 Butter OG
    2015-02-27 22:20:21 UTC
    LooneyTunes Hey anyone in phx know where i can use my cali dr rec? I'm In town for a few months,trying to medicate. I get frequent seizures HELP?
    2015-02-27 21:47:59 UTC
    arieatszombies DABS FOR SPOCK!!!
    2015-02-27 21:06:53 UTC
    CoeusPrime My sendoff for Mr. Spock....not weed related but...
    2015-02-27 20:10:50 UTC
    Elmyra.duff Enjoying some chocolope with my morning coffee. Feeling like a pot of glitter today. Happy Friday ya'll!
    2015-02-27 20:08:27 UTC
    MADD MAXX Thank you Mr.Spock for instilling in us the value of logic....
    2015-02-27 19:47:39 UTC
    Worphe Hi everyone! I researched some interesting stuff on cannabis-induced panic attacks
    2015-02-27 19:42:45 UTC


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