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    What are you smoking?

    ɳʉɠɠʑʑ Fireballs
    2014-04-17 15:14:42 UTC
    Nohands_Key Sour D ⛽️
    2014-04-17 15:06:19 UTC
    Lady Kush020 Cup O Cawfey and a bowl of Cherry Wreck
    2014-04-17 14:45:10 UTC
    sticky icky gizmo Beyond blue dream wnb, happy Thursday everyone'
    2014-04-17 13:32:24 UTC
    arevalo Super skunkkkk
    2014-04-17 13:02:18 UTC
    nightadtr420 Looking for pepe La Blue, if you know where to get in LA?LB area, let me know.Thx
    2014-04-17 09:06:40 UTC
    Ballz710 :-)
    2014-04-17 08:59:38 UTC
    Ballz710 :-)
    2014-04-17 08:58:34 UTC
    nightadtr420 Ultimate Blue Dream Crumble, GSC oil from the O-Pen, and a 15x Brownie. Stay lifted
    2014-04-17 08:55:01 UTC
    Ballz710 GSC shatter coated with Superman OG nectar Dunked on TI Nail. :-)
    2014-04-17 08:53:40 UTC
    ibbigd420 Bubba Kush hitting hard... We just passed highway marker 420... I do belive were in hightown...
    2014-04-17 08:41:17 UTC
    ibbigd420 Hitting on the Bubba Kush... Making that midnight run to Hightown...
    2014-04-17 08:18:26 UTC
    Esantana73 :)
    2014-04-17 07:42:38 UTC
    Citizen Jane Holy shitener ! Cheers all
    2014-04-17 07:33:18 UTC
    The Mick Platinum Skywalker. Good night everyone....
    2014-04-17 07:21:39 UTC
    Citizen Jane Lemon Skunk dablets. Stuff is gooey, freezing it works.
    2014-04-17 07:19:37 UTC
    RaynMan206 Home frm wrk, bouta hit my last bong hit of this 'GreenQueen' sativa & F sum shyt up on GTA5! Stay medicated mappers!
    2014-04-17 06:55:13 UTC
    Kushungpeng Half a bottle of Dixie Elixr, a bowl of Flo with Jack Herer Porcelain, and a ginger mango tincture.
    2014-04-17 06:35:53 UTC
    $t0n3r707 green thump haze X black diamonds kush...both sativa & green thump haze is lil sticky.
    2014-04-17 06:32:05 UTC
    Mars94 Has anyone had that $30 gram Caviar Gold? How good is it?
    2014-04-17 06:19:07 UTC


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