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    What are you smoking?

    Alwaysblue9 ~Winning~ 4-0 J-1 in de pipe. Cheers!
    2015-10-05 01:11:33 UTC
    Derrickworx SFV OG
    2015-10-05 00:42:22 UTC
    Nickatnight A fat joint of Blue Angel after one of the best meals I've had this year, tenderloin with sauteed onions bake tater butternut squash.
    2015-10-04 23:53:17 UTC
    highcountrygal Beautiful rainyesque day! Still dabbin, trying to taste all my little samples, A bowl of 'Charles' (chuck) guess he grew up per bobaloo:)
    2015-10-04 23:01:03 UTC
    MADD MAXX These Santa Fe Grandes are peppering it's parent....
    2015-10-04 22:50:45 UTC
    MADD MAXX A nug of Blue Nightmare that came with last night's Munchie Meal. Jack's not the only one smiling....
    2015-10-04 22:16:49 UTC
    Boscoboy101 thin mint and Paris og. Sunday don't get any better than that
    2015-10-04 22:13:28 UTC
    Citizen Jane Ok did I get Hotel California'd by weedmaps? Fine but don't get mad cause Scott Walk-on is next.
    2015-10-04 21:27:44 UTC
    Citizen Jane 502 Bad gateway. La la la la la, now warm it up
    2015-10-04 20:50:57 UTC
    Citizen Jane I though I was crazy till I met you, babyyyy. As promised, deleting this account. Stay cool peoples :)
    2015-10-04 20:48:51 UTC
    NoShame.I.Medicate Buddy just dropped me off some fresh Key Lime Pie and a Nug of Sour D; Cheers!
    2015-10-04 20:35:31 UTC
    SpAcETrek9 Some Versace, and enjoying this wonderful Sunday!
    2015-10-04 19:56:21 UTC
    dreamweezer Thin mint GSC. enjoying the fresh aftertaste...among other things. Hope your sunday is a funday!
    2015-10-04 19:53:18 UTC
    Flashback James McMurtry - Hurricane Party -
    2015-10-04 19:52:19 UTC
    T0aztyToast Some purple crack crumble for lunch.
    2015-10-04 19:41:32 UTC
    CoeusPrime Some weird mystery nug Mrs Prime found on the floor....
    2015-10-04 18:57:53 UTC
    Flashback Venom OG bubble hash topping off my bowl of homegrown Goji. Cheers!
    2015-10-04 18:46:03 UTC
    XD40 Afghan goo blue diamond & dabs of gsc last night woke up drained today a dab of sour & back 2bed
    2015-10-04 18:29:54 UTC
    Heavy_Nutz Legendary Cookie wax
    2015-10-04 18:10:04 UTC
    NoShame.I.Medicate Morning Everyone! Some 707 OG hash for me; Cheers!
    2015-10-04 18:00:29 UTC


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